Angry Fish is an angry birds game but the birds are fishes and the pigs are eels. It is underwater.


the fishes are swimming at their home : a colorful reef,but the eels steals the reef and their caviar.the fishes must fight the eels for their home and caviars.


  • red snapper
  • powder blue tang
  • yellow tang
  • black/grey whale (not ah fish)
  • white whale(drops snow balls)
  • green/colorful parrot fish
  • giant red snapper
  • orange trigger fish
  • mighty blue whale
  • bottle nosed dolphin
  • etc


  • small eel
  • medium eel
  • big eel
  • giant eel
  • electric eel
  • wolf eel
  • super giant king electric eel


  • 1.poached reef and caviars
  • the fish market
  • 3.the ancient ocean
  • 4.riding the waves
  • 5.deadly sharks
  • 6.tarpon is the best helper
  • napped goby fishes
  • 8.the fishery of birthfishday factory of caviar(anniversary)
  • 9.the sushi shop
  • 10.the teriyaki blast of fish and eel
  • caviars
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