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The App Icon. It's the Elder Griffin

Angry Griffins is a game where birds are replaced by griffins. The game has new features, such as Multiplayer Mode and Boss Levels.


The birds where very angry after seeing that the pigs stole the eggs again. The birds get transformed into griffins to save the eggs. Then, the Elder Griffin comes to help!


  • Elder Griffin: A Griffin that leads the flock.
  • Red Griffin: A griffin that has no special powers, but it can still attack.
  • Yellow Griffin: A griffin that can speed up and can destroy wood.
  • Blue Griffin: It splits into three and can destroy ice.
  • Bomb Griffin: This griffin will blow up and is good at destroying stone.
  • Pink Griffin: A Griffin that enjoys blowing bubbles that trap pigs.
  • Orange Griffin: A Griffin that can inflate himself.
  • White Griffin: Lays explosive eggs
  • Mighty Griffin: A small griffin that makes the ground shake, killing every pig.

Commercials and Trailers[]

Teaser Trailer:[]

(Curtains that say "Coming soon: Angry Griffins!" open)

Red Griffin: A whole new Angry Birds experience like never before!

(Yellow Griffin speeds across the stage and walks up to Red Griffin)

Yellow Griffin: You'll even meet new characters!

(The Mighty Griffin walks up to the Griffins and the Elder Griffin walks up)

Yellow Griffin: Meet the Mighty Griffin and Elder Griffin!

Mighty Griffin: Stuck on a hard level? Want to get 3-Star levels? Well unlock me! The Mighty Griffin!

Elder Griffin: I lead the griffins near and far! It would be bad if it wasn't for me.

(All of the other griffins and pigs come up)

All Characters: So what are you waiting for? Subscribe on Facebook!

TV Commercial:[]

Elder Griffin: Angry Griffins! All your favorite birds in griffin form!


(A table rolls onto the scene. It has an acorn and a pig)

Mighty Griffin: YUMMY!

(The Mighty Griffin rumbles the ground and eats the acorn)

Pig: Ahhh!!!

Yellow Griffin: You needed it!

Pink Griffin: Yes, the boy is right!

(Pig falls and text appears saying "Angry Griffins! BUY NOW!")

Gameplay Trailer:[]

(A bunch of levels are shown)

King Pig: They are weaker! Ha!

(The Griffins beat up King Pig)

(More levels are shown)

(The Main screen is shown)

(A Multiplayer Game is Shown)

(A Boss Level is Shown)

Red Griffin: Get it now! Only on the App Store!


Normal: The ol' orriginal. You pull the griffins in a slingshot and hit pigs.

Multiplayer: Team up with your Game Center Freinds! Build your own fortresses, and see who will destory the other's first!

Boss Levels: Fight numerous Angry Birds villains in a battle arena!