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Not to be confused with a similar game that has a similar tittle, Angry Piggies.

Angry Pigs is a video game based on Angry Birds. In this game, players have to help the birds' enemies get revenge on different birds. The game was released November 3, 2015.

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Angry Pigs and Angry Pigs:Rio

A basic level, where pigs are used to kill birds.

Angry Pigs: Rio A level based on Angry Birds Rio, where marmosets (And Nigel) and smuggled pigs are used to kill birds.

Angry Pigs Seasons

Based on Angry birds seasons, where holiday- themed pigs must kill holiday-themed birds. Alternates between Christmas, Halloween, Summer, Easter, St. Patricks Day, Moon Festival, The cherry blossom festival, Valentines day and Chinese new year.

Angry Pigs: Chrome

Angry Pigs: Chrome is the game featured Pigs to defeat the birds.

Angry Pigs: Magic

An upcoming level, based on Angry Birds Magic, which can be used only on NFC-enabled devices. Pigs fight birds, as normal, but levels 6-20 must be unlocked by another NFC- enabled device.

Angry Pigs Space

Space pigs try to beat space birds- use gravity based gameplay and new pigs, along with brand new in-app purchases.

Angry Pigs: Finale

A mixture of Marmosets (And Nigel) and Pigs are used together to defeat the Birds once and for all.

Angry Pigs PEKE:3

Based on Angry Birds PEKE:3, where pigs (And Jojo) must kill birds.


  • Small Pig: Scream "Oooooooink!" and "Waaaaaaah!".
  • Medium Pig: When tapped, falls towards the ground immediately.
  • Large pig: When tapped, splits in half, but when tapped again, rejoin and pass straight through any structures in between the two halves.
  • Helmet Pig: Stronger than the Small Pig.
  • Moustache Pig: Dissolves any nearby wood or glass when tapped.
  • Boomerang Pig: Moves backwards.
  • Fat Pig: Moans.
  • Balloon Pig: Collison over 2 seconds, inflates over 5 seconds and popped.
  • King Pig: In-App Purchase, equivalent of Mighty Eagle.
  • Fat Pig: Free, equivalent of Mighty Dragon in Year of the Dragon only.
  • Marmoset: In Rio, does nothing more than a small pig, but in Finale, Clings on to top of structures when tapped, weakening the structure, and when the structure is later hit by any other pig or enemy it collapses completely.
  • Nigel: Has stronger damage than marmoset, and can be reused until it has killed a quarter of the birds on the level or it has been used 15+ Times.


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