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Angry Pigs is the game where the opposite of the original happens.


  1. Wanting to make Angry Pigs after knowing Angry Birds
  2. The new Golden King Pig in Golden Eggs for iPad, level King Pig. "Birds turn into Pigs"
  3. Knowing you can make your own version of things on this wiki just by adding your User Name to the Game's/Bird's/Pig's name.

Opening Cutscene[]

There are pictures appearing, like ABR, ABSP, ABH.

  1. The pigs are showing, being hungry.
  2. They see the birds being mean by sticking their tounges out.
  3. The pigs get REALLY mad...
  4. You tap next... (This is something you do, not see)
  5. A whole flock of pigs attack.


  • Regular Pig; Oinks. Replaces Red Bird.
  • Small Pig: Appears as large, splits 2 Small Pigs and they go next to him. He turns smaller every time he spits. Replaces Blue Bird.
  • Jetpack Pig: Uses a jetpack to speed up. Replaces Yellow Bird.
  • Bomb Pig: Has a match in his head. Replaces Bomb Bird. (Cutscene only)
  • Bowling Ball Pig: drops an explosive bowling ball. Replaces White bird.
  • Boomerang Pig: throws boomerangs Replaces Boomerang bird.
  • Fat Pig: uses raw obesity (instead of strength) to destroy things.
  • Balloon Pig: replaces Orange Bird. He inflates, then deflates.
  • Female Pig: blows bubbles. Replaces PInk bird.

More to come


  1. Grabbed Eggs
  2. Golden Eggs
  3. Amazing Alex



  • Red Bird - The second smallest bird. His power is to blow the pigs so they go slower.
  • Blue Bird - Turns into 3, making it harder to win.
  • Yellow Bird - When hit once, flys somewhere else. When hit a second time, he's gone.
  • Black Bird - Explodes to protect his friends when hit. If your pig has a good power (Example: Rocket Pig), it can very helpfully push the Bomb Bird, so he can blow up a part of the building.
  • White Bird - Throws eggs at the pig. These eggs are so acurate, they never miss. The only way to miss is to be flinged high in the air, because the eggs will just fall. Otherwise, this way (Bomb Bird will be doomed for good if he is used) can get a good hit. Although the Medium Pig's oinks are useless, they can blow things somewhere in the opposite way. Use any pig's power to dodge the eggs, or get them away. (Cutscene and Golden Eggs only)
  • Green Bird - He can move the the opposite area of the building to make you miss. (Cutscene and Golden Eggs only)
  • Big Brother Bird - Roars to send pigs flying away. (Cutscene and Golden Eggs only)
  • Orange Birds - They are known to be replacing Helmet Pigs. They have helmets and can inflate so pigs bounce off him. He is hard to kill. (Golden Eggs only)
  • Matrix Bird - Originally Matrix, he hypnotises pigs that come near, so they float down, smile, show their teeth whist still smiling, and explode. You should see it! It's really amusing! (Golden Eggs only)

More to come