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Angry Republic[]

Angry Republic is a game based of the Star Wars series and is the prequal to Angry Rebels.


  • Angry Anakin (pig)- Screams prior to episode 4. Slices with his lightsaber.
  • Angry Obi Wan- Acts as a boomerang with his lightsaber
  • Angry Padma- Shoots lasers.
  • Angry C3-PO- Inflates then shoots electrical waves.
  • Angry R-2- Drops bombs.
  • Angry Ja Ja- Flings Jujus
  • Feather Troopers- Shoots Lasers and speeds up
  • Angry Windu- Uses the force to push everything back then throws his lightsaber.
  • Angry Yoda-Uses the force to push everything back then swipes with his lightsaber.


Droid Pig- Weak can be destroyed by falling object or Bird.

B1 Super Battle Droid Pigs- Slightly stronger than the Droid Pig.

Magana Guard Pig- Just like large Pig.

Dooko Pig- Just like Helmet and Mustache Pig.

Grieviuos Pig- Just Like Helmet and Mustache Pig.

Jango Pig- Slighty weaker than Emperor Crackaline.

Emperor Crackaline- Just like King Pig.


1.Buisness on Naboo- 2-14

2.Head for Tatooine- 2-10

3.Battle of Naboo- 3-18

4.Feather Troopers- 3-17

5.Rescue on Geonossis- 2-15

6.Revenge of the Sith- 4-30

7.Don't Fall For the Dark Side- 3-22


The Events of the game are before Angry Rebels and is mainly about Lard Vader and before he fell for th Drak Side.

Bonus Birds[]

Republic Strike- Same as Mighty Eagle. A purchase only.