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Angry Rubber Ducks is a Rubber Duck spin-off of Angry Birds. 

Angry Rubber Ducks
Angry Rubber Ducks Logo
The Teaser Image.

Release Date

July 31, 2013





Level Packs[]

These are the level packs planned so far:

  • 1. Bath Boars : The Sea Pigs have stolen the soap! It's up to the rubber ducks to get it back!
  • 2. Sea Squealing : A tide has come in! Stop it!
  • 3. Pigs Ahoy! The pirate pigs, guided by Captain Boar, have invaded the ducks town! Stop them before they wreck the city!

4, 5, and 6 coming soon!


  • The pigs where changed three times. In the prototype, it looked like a Japanese Boar. In Bath Boars they were gray, but looked like Angry Birds Pigs. In newer episodes, they look like they do in Angry Birds, green with no hands or legs.
Angry Rubber Ducks Logo

A prototype Logo