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Angry Villans: Marvel is the Fifth installment of the Angry Heroes series.

Pigs Edit[]

Red Skrull Pig - Can Shoot Captain America.

Iron Monpig - Can Fire Iron Bird.

Loki Pig - Thunder At The Thor.

Green Gobpig - Can Throw The Bomb At Spider-Bird.

Abomination Pig - Can Smashs Hulk Bird.

Scaretooth Pig - Can Bite Wolverine.

Doctor Doom Pig - Can Doom 4 Heroes.

Bulleye Pig - Can Shoot Daredevil Bird

Venom Pig- Can Shoot Webs On Spider-Bird.

Rhino Pig - Can Runs Fast And Hit Spider-Bird.


Black Panther- Slashes with its claws.

Wolverine- Attacks with his claws with great force.

Nightcrawler- Teleports, then attacks.

Hawkeye- Shoots a number of arrows.

Captain America- Throws his sheild which acts as an boomerang.

Cyclops- Fires a laser.

Spider-Bird- Shoots webs, which destroyes materials and Pigs.

Iron Bird- Acts as an Bomb.

The Avian Torch- Similar to the Charcoal Bird.

Thor- Creates waves of lightning.