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The Game is A Racing Game for Pc only,But it's Distribution Is Download.


Red Bird-Starting

  • Speed:5/10

Yellow Bird-Starting

  • Speed:4.7/10

Blue Bird-Starting

  • Speed:8.3/10

Black Bird-Finish GP Easy

  • Speed:6.1/10

Orange Bird-Finish GP Easy

  • Speed:5.9/10

Green Bird-Finish GP Medium

  • Speed:7.2/10

Pink Bird-Finish GP Medium

  • Speed:6.5/10

Big Brother Bird-Finish GP Medium

  • Speed:4.1/10

White Bird-Finish GP Hard

  • Speed:4.9/10

Small Pig-Finish GP Hard

  • Speed:7.0/10

Medium Pig-Beat 5 Online Users

  • Speed:6.1/10

Big Pig-Beat 12 Online Users

  • Speed:5.3/10

Moustache Pig-Beat 30 Online Users

  • Speed:5.8/10

King Pig-Beat 60 Online Users

  • Speed:3.9/10


1.Feather Cup[]

1.Red Circuit-3 Laps-Best Lap:0:47.78-Lvl 1

2.Sea Bridge-4 Laps-Best Lap:0:23.40-Lvl 1

3.Timber Plaza- 2 Laps-Best Lap:1:10:27-Lvl 3

4.Underwater Valley-3 Laps-Best Lap:0:20.36-Lvl 5

5.Mt.Bob/Bomb-2 Laps-Best Lap:2:13.48-Lvl 8


Move Using Arrow Keys.

To Stop.Press Space button.

To Use Boost(3 Times In a Track),Press Z.