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Angry Birds:3 Intruduction[]

angry birds 3 is the fifth Angry Birds episode. It has 4 episodes and ultra levels.








New Pigs[]

emporer pig

astronaut pig

anti freeze pig

diver pig

knight pig

demon pig

satan pig(final boss)

flaming pig

sky diver pig

pig ship (first boss)

yeti pig (second boss)

areoplane pig bomber (third boss)

atlantis pig (fourth boss)

dragon rider pig (fifth boss)

Bosses Of The Game[]

pig ship

yeti pig

areoplane pig bomber

atlantis pig

guardian atlantis pig

dragon rider pig

satan pig

Pig Mode[]

there is also pig mode, where you build towers with 10 pigs and try to keep them alive

Ultra Levels[]

ultra levels can be unlocked for every pig boss you kill . theres always five levels in each of them

here are the ultra levels:

heaven (kill pig ship)

island (kill yeti pig)

under world (kill areo plane pig bomber)

volcano (kill atlantis pig and all gaurdian pigs helping him)

china (kill dragon rider pig)

universe (kill satan pig)

New Birds[]

ice bird (it acts like a red bird for pigs but its the only bird that can kill a flaming pig)

halo bird (satan pigs weakness he takes 20 halo birds to kill)

nuke bird (can destroy most pigs)

dragon slayer bird ( dragon rider pigs weakness takes 15 dragon slayer birds to kill)

fire bird (yeti pigs weakness takes 3 fire birds to kill)

black hole bird (kills the pig ship instantly because it summons a black hole)

bomb bird (areo plane bomber pigs weakness takes 10 bomb birds to kill)

hypno bird(any pig that gets touched by this will warp to your sling shot each pig does the damage of a red bird no matter what its size is)