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Angry Birds Star Wars Cinematic Trailer

the birds find out that they invited for a race.

180px-General Grievous

I dont have angry birds star wars logo but I have general grunter for example of angry birds star wars 2 go!

Hello there tired of waiting after you play angry birds star wars go! But here your are the game is angry birds star wars 2 go. You could select unlocked character. the final boss is General grunter in a last level UTAPAU! But play as obi wan kabommi in level 5. So buy it. It costes free. BUY NOW!


Quail gon-his starfighter

Obi wan-mighty boga

General grunter-wheel bike

Jango fatt-slave 1

Boba fatt- slave 1

Count dodo- the invisible hand


1. Naboo

2. coursant

3. Kamino

4. The invisible hand

5. Utapau