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Angy Bird
General Info
Powers Goes Crazy and Explodes
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: He is too crazy
Species: He is too crazy
Locations: None
Strength: He is too crazy
Size: He is too crazy

(The word "Angy" is not a mistake, this bird IS called Angy Bird!) His cape is see-through. He is so crazy!


  • Pull Back: WHAZE!
  • Launch: MEEEEEEEH!
  • Power: YEH STEENK! (BOOM)
  • Corpse: YO! U! ST! IN! K! (They happen in that order, saying "YOU STINK!")

Angy Bird Language

  • Hello: Heh (Heh)
  • Goodbye: Gooy (Goo-ey)
  • Hi: Hol (Holl)
  • Bye: Eyu (Ey-ou)

Ask for more!


He didn't get to come out of his Egg, being so crazy. He had to crack it open, and grew up by jumping into lava.

Nobody knows what happened next because he hasn't grown up yet even by jumping into lava.


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