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Angy Birds is a new Redbird07 game.


Angy Bird was going to somewhere when a pig came and made him mad. He got other Angy Birds and went to attack the pigs


  • Angy - Eats pigs and explodes. The pig comes out.
  • No - Shows pigs an egg with the word "No" on it and the egg becomes 3 eggs. All the pigs that see it explode.
  • Eat - Makes one pig into Fat Pig and the pig eats anything around it. It turns normal after eating.
  • Birdy Angy Birdy - Goes straight down.
  • Throwing - Throws Mini Angy Birds that go to pigs and make them weaker.
  • Powa - Only uses power from a power-up.
  • Angy Bird - Goes crazy.


In order of weakness

  • Original Pigs
  • Angy Pig
  • Helmet Pigs (2 pigs only)
  • False Moustache Pig (1 pig only)
  • Moustache Pig (1 pig only)
  • King Pig
  • Fat Pig (Only appears if Eat is used)


This game has a shop, unlocked after completing the first 10 levels.



  • Sling Scope - Shows where bird will go. (Powa: Makes him faster and also shows where he goes)
  • Birdquake - Makes the screen shake. (Powa: Makes him shake the screen)
  • Super Seeds - Makes the bird bigger and stronger. (Powa: Same as original power)
  • King Sling - Makes bird go further and faster. (Powa: Original power and makes him stronger)
  • Samba Burst - Only in episode "YAI!". Makes bird dance everywhere. The bird's beak will open and he will be happy. (Powa: Makes him explode)

More soon