General Info
Powers Wall jumping four times.
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds: The World of Chuck
Gender: Male
Species: Indigo bunting
Locations: Brookport Minor (formerly)

Piggy Island

Strength: Strong
Size: Medium

Dark Blue Bird, otherwise known as Anton, is a new bird that appears in Angry Birds: The World of Chuck, and is a member of Chuck's Flock.


Anton is a dark blue colored bird that has one head feather, and two dark blue tail feathers. He has a yellow beak, and green eyes, as well as steel blue chest feathers.


Anton is usually very grumpy when he's bored, but is always relieved when he's having fun. Anton enjoys rock climbing, and is also very wise, and even owns a small library inside of his bedroom. Junior treats Anton like his grandfather, while the others treat him like their father.


Anton gained his wall jumping power from his experience with rock climbing.


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