Architect Pig
Architect Pig.png


Rebuilds broken parts of the structure and/or adds additional materials to make it stronger.


Foreman Pig




Large Pig

 The Architect Pig is a pig that is skilled at building structures. His structures will look a bit more advanced in levels than in levels with no Architect Pig. 


He will commonly rebuild parts of the structure if it is broken. He will sometimes even use additional materials to the structure to make it even stronger. It will usually take him 3 or 4 seconds to rebuild or add more materials (the longest 7 seconds). To stop him from rebuilding/adding more materials, you need to try to pop him very quickly.

Other Information

Architect Pig wears a hard hat and is reading blueprints. When he reads blueprints, it is a sign that he may start building/rebuilding in a few seconds. Without his blueprint, it shows his utility belt, and his blueprint is rolled up beside him. His strength is about the same as Foreman Pig. His size is about the same as a large sized pig.  When he starts building/rebuilding, his blueprints are once again rolled up beside him, and he is holding a hammer and some nails.

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