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Atomic Bird
Abilities Expands to huge size after impact
First Appearance Level 4-11
Gender Male
Species Oriole
Locations Low abundance since 4-11
Strength Medium
Size Small/Massive after power activated

   Very early in the Utopia update, PC fans were able to access game files and revealed sprite sheets that contained Bubbles in space, or "Atomic Bird". These files quickly managed to spread on Angry Birds sites and soon, most fans knew of the files. Once Rovio began teasing the release of a new bird, it was already known that it would be Bubbles.

Surely enough, Rovio announced the "best update ever" for Angry Birds Space, and that included the debut of Bubbles' first costumed/counterpart character. He first appears in the Utopia theme, which is very fitting for his character, for his love of sweets. After his first appearance in the level Utopia 4-11, he appears as a playable character in all of the following themes. 

He is the first and only new playable character to be introduced into the game. (excluding Wingman, who is just Terence in power-up form)

Utopia's Description in The World of Angry Birds Official Guide:

The flock was convinced they had seen the last of Space King Pig and his cosmic cronies, but Super Red wasn't so sure. using his mask's hyper-zoom vision he scanned the sector. He was right. The Piggies had retreated to a distant galaxy, a strange realm where the planets seemed to be made of grub. Worst of all, Big Bork was about to tuck into an eggsteroid!

Luckily reinforcements had arrived from Piggy Island. Feeling left out, Bubbles had made his way through the wormhole. Had the piggies finally bitten off more than they could chew?


While in the first three games, Bubble's ability is similar, almost identical, there are multiple notable changes to Bubbles' ability in this game. Bubbles is notably much lighter, and when his ability is activated he tends to begin drifting from the gravitational fields. This is much more obvious when he is underwater, as he almost shoots up out of the water when he inflates.

He is also much weaker in terms of strength, with the length of time where he is inflated shortened. He will not be able to destroy as many bricks, he will be decent at destroying both glass and wood but will merely bounce off of stone.

He is also not materialized when he deflates - once he begins deflating, he can no longer knock into and destroy objects and pigs near him.

He also now has 2 sprites for when he inflates, rather than one. There is a sprite of him mid-inflating and fully inflated, however, the sprite of him mid-inflating only appears for an extremely short period of time. In fact, most players will only be able to see it if they pause the level at the right time.

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