Avian Sins
General Info
Release Date: September 10,2015
Levels: 30
Episode Number: Danger Zone
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: None
Game(s): Angry Birds Heaven Aviators

Avian Sins is the Danger Zone/Path of the Jedi Episode of Angry Birds Heaven Aviators. It is Insanely Hard in average, but completing certain levels may upgrade your Birds. This is considered to be the hardest episode of ABHA, because some of them are Hardly Possible (HP) levels. It can be unlocked by getting 3 Stars in Certain Levels and Episodes, or buying it for 0.99 USD.

There will be another Danger Zone episode called "Savage Superior"


Level Difficulty Unlocked by Location(s) Boss Location(s) No. Of Areas Appoximate Stage Timer  Boss Timer No. of Stages Boss Enemy(ies)
A-1 Medium Complete Parody Dimension Huge Space Station under attack by Quarzers In Orbit of Earth A,B and C 3 Minutes 1 1/2 minutes 20
A-2 Hard Complete Avian Wilderness and 1 Golden Bolt level A High Speed Cultural Rainforest in the Sky In a Plasma Volcano A and B 3 1/2 Minutes 2 Minutes 22
A-3 Moderately Hard Same as A-2 Plasma Volcanic Planet under a Plasma Storm In a High-Speed Spacetime Wormhole A and B 4 Minutes 2 Minutes 25
A-4 Very Hard Huge Futuristic Taj Mahal Inside Mumtz Mahal's Soul A,B and C 3 Minutes 2 Minutes 25
A-5 Very Hard The Quarzer and Cellima Party Ship
A-6 Insane
A-7 Very Hard

Avian Upgrades

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