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Avian Wilderness
General Info
Release Date: March 2016
Levels: 10
Episode Number: 1
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: (Unknown)
Game(s): Angry Birds Heaven Aviators

Avian Wilderness is the first episode of Angry Birds Heaven Aviators.


After the Birds were sent to the Starship Iris, the Starship was chased by a Fleet of Fish Ships, which lead them to the planet Kappa.


Easiest Level: Level 1-1

Hardest Level: Level 1-10

Level  Difficulty 3 Star Difficulty Extreme Mode Difficulty Location(s) Boss Location No. of Areas Starting No. of Birds Approximate Stage Timer Boss Timer No. of Stages Boss Enemy(ies) 3 Star Score Notes
1-1 Very Easy Easy Medium Futuristic Forest and Sky A/B: Spinning Cyclone A and B 30 4 minutes 2 minutes 10 Giant King Pig I 10,000 First Level
1-2 Very Easy Easy Medium Coastal Mountain A/B: Peak of the Mountain under Heavy Rain 30 4 minutes 2 1/2 minutes 12 Piggy Eagle I 22,000
1-3 Easy Near Intermediate Intermediate Jungle and Temple

A: the Flood in the Rainforest

B: Moving Brown Clouds with Lightnings on it

25 5 1/2 minutes 15 Spiritual Manta
1-4 Easy Near Intermediate Intermediate Underground Forest

A:Wide Lava Fields 

B: Giant Cliff with waterfalls

25 5 1/2 minutes 15 Hogging Quadrilateral
1-5 Moderately Easy Medium Moderately Hard Polluted City
1-6 Moderately Easy Intermediate Moderately Hard Giant Battleship in the Sky
1-7 Near Intermediate Intermediate Hard Floating Cloud Cities 7 minutes
1-8 Near Intermediate Moderately Hard Hard Abyssal Colony 7 minutes
1-9 Medium Hard Very Hard Military Base in an Island 7 1/2 Minutes
1-10 Intermediate Hard Insane Flying Gardens and Cities and Space Space Station / Low Earth Orbit 40  10 minutes 4 Minutes 30 The Incredible Nigel 120,000 First Major Boss Level