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Azure Bird is a very rare bird used only on extreme levels full of ice and wood.


He is a rounded square bird with hair that looks like Yellow Bird's except turned 3 and is blending with the color and body, and tail that looks like the Boomerang Bird's only a bit lowered and is V-curved.

Missile bird

Azure Bird sprite sheet.


Also known as the Missile Bird, the Azure Bird can speed up then explode in impact with another object like a missile/rocket.


He can speed up to break both ice and wood. He is also very good at destroying at least all weak materials. He can also destroy weakened stone.


He cannot break ground, rubber, stone and other strong materials used by the pigs, despite exploding.


List it here whenever you add Azure Bird to one of your games.


  • In Angry Birds Chrome, despite him cannot break stone, he can destroy it using explosions.
  • He can push stone that is not weakened and make the materials above it fall down.
  • He has an explosion radius of 7x7, but his force radius is bigger than a normal explosion; 18x18.
  • Eggs are impervous to him like how the other birds are impervious to egg bombs. When you use him to get a golden egg, he will bounce off and you will acquire the golden egg.
  • Birds are also impervous to him. When you aim directly at corpses or birds waiting for their turn on the slingshot, he bounces off.
  • In Angry Birds Rio, his explosion radius is 6x6 but his force radius is 21x21.
  • To make him break stone and other strong materials, you need to use his ability on the nearest distance to a strong material. This causes his explosion radius to become 9x9 and his force radius turning into 20x20.
  • He does not have a corpse nor a pain noise, being one of the only birds without an original pain noises.


Pull-back noise: Bergberg!

Launch noise: KAWERRRRRK!!!


Pain noise: (explosion)