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Quotation1 GAH! Who's calling me delusional? I. AM NOT. DELUSIONAL! DANG IT! Quotation2
— Electress, complaining on why everyone calls her delusional.

She makes a really good hero for a bird, being able to zap foes by simply getting mad at them, and having a personality that other heroes may suddenly stop at. The only problem... is that she's delusional, thinking she's a villain...


According to various other birds, Electress has been known to act like the Big bad, even though she actually isn't (hence the nickname). She'll let others down just to kick the butts of what she believes to be the good guys(the pigs)!

In her off-time... oh why this? She has no off-time! She may actually be evil after all. But then again, she might not.



Her eyes store an electrical charge within them, which can shock her enemies by getting Angry. This can be fatal, as it can electrocute them, and can go as far as full-blown paralysis.

The thing is though, it only works up close, so she dashes into the defense first before zapping them. No need to tap a second time, which is rather convenient.

The only downside to this, is it has to be aimed properly. Aim the shot at stone or ice, and she's going to have a bad time nightmare. (Who put "bad time" there?)


Her weakness is her being delusional, which means Mind control can effect her rather easily. Anything that can effect her thoughts, like hypnosis, sleep, a whack to the head with a frying pan, or even a grandfather clock can do more damage to her, than other birds.


  • She's based off of a Luxio. More specifically, the Luxio that her creator has.
    • Even MORE specific, the Luxio that her creator has that has the same name.
    • Speaking of which, her battle cry is shockingly similar to said Luxio's cry. (See what I did there?)
    • Her appearance looks like a Luxio, which is rather obvious. The only difference is that she's a hybrid.
  • Her being delusional may remind one of an anti-hero.
  • Her lightning is much like Palaptine's lightning.
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