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Bad Piggies star wars main screen

Main Screen

 This game follows the Imaginary of a Pigtrooper who likes to build Vehicles.


Tatooine - 45 levels

Plot: The Pigtroopers have landed on Tatooine and are looking for R2-D2 and C-3PO. One of the pigtroopers spot the parts but they are Scattered all over the Place.

Introduced Items: Wood, Iron, Wooden Wheel, Booster, Hyperdrive

Boss: Han Solo

Death Star - 45 levels

Plot: Lard Vader has lost the tractor beam engine and he gets pretty mad. he commands you to find the parts to the tractor beam engine

Introduced Items: Tractor Beam Wheels, Laser Cannon, Accension Gun, Lard Vader, Lightsabers

[NEW] Lard Vaders Training Room: Move Lightsabers over Lard Vader to upgrade force powers (Simaller to Desert Mode in Normal Bad Piggies)

Boss: Ben Kenobi

Hoth - 36 levels

Plot: The Pigtrooper is driving his at-at and he shoots at the Echo Base shield Generators but they just riochet off. suddenly the pigtrooper realizes that he has not got his mega cannon.

Boss: Luke Skywalker

Cloud City

Plot: Boba fett has lost his prize Prisoners and he is very frustrated, and its the pigtroopers job to find them.

[NEW] Animated Enemies: During this Episode you will run into Bespin Guards that shoot you.

Introduced Items: Eggs, Prisoners

Boss: Lando

Endor Races

Plot: race against other Pigs for Fun!

[NEW] MP: have other players join your race and race against them!

Golden Eggs

TIE Fighter Hanger

Plot: Build whatever you want!



Lard Vader

Luke Skywalker

Han Solo

Princess Leia


Bespim Guard