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Bad Piggies 2: Apocalypse now exists in the official Angry Birds series as Bad Piggies 2, but this page was made before on 1 December 2019
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Bad Piggies 2: Apocalypse is the sequel to the smash hit Bad Piggies mad by Rovio Entertainment. Unlike the first game the Birds and Pigs have teamed up to beat Ross, it contains the same building features as the original, but the courses have significantly more features built in them. It is currently unavailable on all Platforms as it was shut-down.

This game follows the events after the first game where Ross use technology to take over Piggy Island and destroy plant-life forever. As of Halloween 2020 they have a cinema where you can watch useful tips and tricks. In this game you must use Ross's crates of leftover vehicles to build your own, you must also collect any plant-life you find for the final boss.


Quotation1.png The Final PORKTIER!!! Quotation2.png

On July 14, 2017 Bad Piggies official Twitter and FaceBook started teasing strange apocalyptic images all mentioning that "something is coming" and soon after with a video of A New Flock in a desert and a silouhette of a giant Pig looming over them with the tagline "The Final Porktier" slowly fading in. After that Rovio disappeared from the internet for eight weeks but after that they showed off a new Bad Piggies game where the Pigs aren't the stars but the Birds. Soon after a gameplay trailer was released.

The main point of the game is to build machines to destroy Ross and save the plants. The following day another gameplay trailer was released. Finally on September 27, the game was released on many platforms and even more later that day.


Main Story

Plantation Day

This episode has 45 Levels. It follows the story of The Post-Apocalypse Flock along with two Pigs going on a quest to find a map of the last plants.

Rise of Ross

This episode has 45 Levels. It follows the story of Ross discovering there are still plants and trying to destroy The Post-Apocalypse Flock and the two Pigs by pursuing them.

Flighty Run

This episode has 45 Levels. It follows the story of The Post-Apocalypse Flock and the two Pigs trying to find the plants after Ross hides them again.

A Dark Quest

This episode has 45 Levels. It follows the story of the quest to finally get the plants after Ross becomes good from being defeated.

The Road Of Destiny

This episode has 45 Levels. It follows the story of the team finding a Golden Egg which can re-summon the plant-life.

Post-Main Story

Candy Overload

This episode has 30 Levels. It takes place after the story and tells the story of Bubbles using Mecha Ross's technology so he can turn the planet into Candy.



This is a 10-Part story where you must collect boxes of parts to move along.

The Ultimate Sandbox

It is the largest Sandbox level which seems to take place in an alternate universe. It is made for testing custom vehicles.

The Road To The Ultimate Sandbox

It is the second-largest Sandbox level which seems to take place in an alternate universe. It is made for testing custom vehicles.

Skull Pig's Sandbox

This is a Sandbox available from the beginning and takes place in Skull Pig's imagination.

The Golden Egg Statues

It takes place in the Road Of Destiny and takes place in an Alternative Universe where there is more than one Golden Egg.

Multiplayer Post-Main Story

Super Racers!

This takes place after the main story and tells the story of Ross's old tech being used for races. It contains 8 Levels.

Plant Racing!

This is a multiplayer mode where you can get parts for getting the most plants.

Garden Mode

Garden Mode is a mode where all your plants are in a Garden and you can use them to upgrade vehicle.


During the Levels you need to make a vehicle to get to your goal. However a lot of Ross's old parts are often quite broken so you have to use your limited rescources well, you can use plants to upgrade certain parts of your vehicle. Your assembling grid depends on what character you choose as they use different parts for different styles of play.

Physics are used in this game, something you can use to your advantage. For example parts which are upgrade weigh more and cause them to move slower but they are more powerful then normal parts.

Levels are graded with stars. Each star is for a different reason, you can get one for going fast, another one is for using little-to-no plants and the final one is for using the hardest-to-use play style for the level.

Sometimes you can come across one of the Minion Pigs who are usually chowing-down some sushi, but if you disturb them they will start throwing TNT at you until you turn down your engines or use something quieter.


These are the different rescources used in Bad Piggies 2.


Materials are used to build vehicles and can be updated.

They can be earns in multiple ways.


Secret items can be found in the game, there are three so far and can be used in all levels by all characters.

  1. Pineapple - It distracts Pigs from throwing TNT at you - You can find it in the final level of Candy Overload.
  2. Fish - Uses fart power to boost you forwards - It hides underwater in the menu.
  3. Fantsy Pig - Boosts all the vehicle's power and blinds Pigs - He can be found in The Ultimate Sandbox.


  • SuperAngryBirdies has written comics about this game.
  • The trailer was released on the same day as the game.
  • Google has a browser version of this game.
  • In the game trailers the team appears to be riding a rocket but this was ultimately cut from the game.