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Bad Piggies 2 & Seasons now exists in the official Angry Birds series as Bad Piggies 2, but this page was made before on 5 October 2012
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This is the sequel Bad Piggies created by Rotembo starring our lovely green snouts, the pigs. This game has normal Bad Piggies episodes and also Bad Piggies Seasons episodes! It has many new objects, 3 new normal episodes, 6 new normal sandboxes, 7 seasons episodes, and 14 season sandboxes.

This extreme new version of the game has 4 episodes, 8 sandboxes, 2 cinematic seasons episodes, an unknown number of seasons sandboxes, and three "find-the-films" sandboxes. Everything in this mode looks like the animated trailers and animations of Angry Birds and Bad Piggies.


  • The Snouts See The Sea
  • Mechanic Age
  • Escape The Flock

Seasons Episodes[]

  • Pork-O-Lantern
  • Snowy Rides
  • Hearts And carts
  • Clever Than A Clover
  • Jump Like A bunny
  • The Summer Vacation
  • Tea Time

Cinematic Mode Episodes[]

  • Ground Hog Day
  • Sky Adventure
  • Snouts Sees Sea

Cinematic Seasons Episodes[]

  • Porkenstein Returns
  • Love On The Roads


Normal Mode[]

Coming soon!

Seasons Mode[]

Cinematic Mode[]

Cinematic Seasons Mode[]