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Bad Piggies: Future

Release Date

October 9th, 2018


iOs, Android, Holopads, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, other tablets


Singleplayer, Challenge

Created by

Rovio, Stark Industries™


Puzzle, Bad Piggies Style


Angry Birds: World


Angry Birds: A Dark Future

Bad Piggies Future is an all-new game from Allan-Stark Industries. It was released October 9th, 2018.


The Pigs have failed at stealing the eggs again! So, Professor Pig and Mechanic Pig build an "Egg Scanner" to scan for eggs so the Pigs can capture them. They locate the Sacred Egg, an egg so powerful just by eating it you become the Ruler Of The Universe! But soon they find out it's not on Piggy Island, at least, not present-day Piggy Island! It is in the year 2999, the last year before the 4th Millenium. So, Professor Pig builds a time machine to get the Egg from the future. He, along with Mechanic Pig, Freckled Pig, Chef Pig and King Pig, get into the time machine to get the Sacred Egg before the Future Birds do and before the 4th Millenium starts. Because if it does, then the Pigs will be reduced to ashes.

They go into different locations, like Future Piggy Island and outer space.


  • Freckled Pig
  • King Pig
  • Mechanic Pig
  • Professor Pig
  • Chef Pig

Future Birds[]

  • Defensor (Red) - same as normal red
  • Nytro Chuck (Chuck) - boosts speed with Nitrox
  • Atomic Bomb (Bomb) - explodes a great area with Atom Energy
  • Droid (Matilda) - Drops an Egg Bomb and auto-destroy
  • Halley (Hal) - becames a comet when turning
  • The Blues (Blues) - splits in three, each one launches a missel
  • Ciborg T5 (Terence) - massive destruction
  • Cosmic Bubbles (Bubbles) - inflates
  • Stellar (Stella) - creates fire bubbles in air
  • Ice Bird (Ice Bird) - freezes structures
  • Extermination Eagle- a mechanic eagle that destroys everything in its front: Structures, Pigs and Birds.

New Elements and Power-Ups[]

  • Angry Bird Mode - Angry Bird Mode lets you play as the Future Birds, trying to stop the past Pigs from getting the Sacred Egg.
  • Professor Pig - He is the one that builds your ride. He can customize it with awesome technology once you collect a piece of technology. Costs $0.99
  • Mechanic Pig - When your ride is destroyed in the middle of the level, Mechanic Pig can rebuild it for you.
  • Super Glue- Keeps your ride indestructible.
  • Magnetism- Attracts star boxes and technologies. It can be upgraded for $0.99 to Electromagnetism, which attracts the finish line and brings it closer.
  • Telepods- Lets you teleport figures into the app. That means any pig from any Angry Birds game ever created (AB, ABRio, ABSeasons, ABSpace, ABStarWars, and ABStarWars2).


All episodes have 36 regular levels and 12 underground levels. More episodes are coming soon.

  1.  Welcome To 2999
  2.  Future Bird Attack
  3.  Pigs In Space
  4. The Lost Colony (coming soon)