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Bad Piggies Now Good is a sequel to Bad Piggies.


King Pig sat on his chair, thinking of something to do. The eggs are now eaten, and the birds are nearly extinct. Freckled Pig saw the King Pig with his sad face, and asks why is the King Pig is so sad. King Pig said that he misses fighting with the birds to save the eggs for being eaten by him. After the success of eating the eggs, the birds are so sad, and time past, still no eggs, for the birds are nearly extinct. Freckled Pig reports that some odd robots stole the remaining birds. King Pig stood up, and orders Freckled Pig to save the birds, and have a peace treaty. This is the start of Bad Biggies Now Good.


  • Freckled Pig
  • Minion Pig
  • Corporal Pig
  • Foreman Pig
  • King Pig
  • Fat Pig (Cameo)
  • Chef Pig (Cameo)
  • Professor Pig (Cameo)


Story Mode[]

  • Piggy Wiggy - Contains 45 levels.
  • Wave to Wave - Contains 45 levels.
  • Fly to the Sky - Contains 45 levels.
  • Fight Til' Night - Contains 45 levels.
  • Escape! - Contains 30 levels.

Special Mode[]

  • Sandbox - Contains 15 levels.
  • Robot Riot - Contains 15 levels.
  • Race to Space - Contains 15 levels.

Story (Episodes)[]

Piggy Wiggy #1[]

Freckled Pig measures how to get to the robot's unknown place. He was easily tired by walking that he make a vehicle. He will explore all places to find the robot's unknown place and ready to face dangers to his life.

Piggy Wiggy #2[]

Freckled Pig saw the robot's unknown place at last, but was lost. The King Pig began to worry, and orders the Corporal Pig and Minion Pig to find Freckled Pig. Will they find him?

Piggy Wiggy #3[]

Freckled Pig was found, and they head back to King Pig's Castle.

Wave to Wave #1[]

They celebrated for they found the robots's place, but King Pig orders to go to the place right now. Now they were heading to a familiar beach, Pigini Beach.

Wave to Wave #2[]

Coming soon