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Bad Piggies Star Wars
The Main Menu screen on Tatooine.



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More than 180+



Original Game

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies Star Wars is a sequel to Bad Piggies. The game's main goal is to get the 4 Golden Eggs from the Star Wars investments Flock, so Lard Vader can use it do destroy the Star War Flock's home planet, Birdleraan.

The game has 5 chapters, with a Pig-o-Matic that makes you customize your Pigtrooper.


Ground's of Tatooine:[]

  • Cutscene #1 - After so many defeats, Lard Vader planned to destroy the Star Wars Flock's planet, Birdleraan, but he needs the 4 Golden Eggs to active the Death Laser, so Lard Vader orders the Pigtroopers to get through each portal until they to the 4 Planet's Golden Eggs.
  • Cutscene 2# - After they finally got the first Golden Egg, the Pigtroopers gave Lard Vader the egg, to which Lard Vader placed in the containent laser center, and orders them to get the second Golden Egg.

Hoth War:[]

  • Cutscene #1: After they found Hoth, the Pigtroopers has to get the missing parts of the At-At Walkers, to get through the egg, guarded by the Rebel Pilots.
  • Cutscene #2: They finally got the egg, but Lard Vader still needs the other 2 eggs to activate the laser!

The Floors of Cloud City:[]

  • Cutscene #1: Since the Pigtroopers are extremely tired and needed a break, Lard Vader found another pig to get the Cloud City Egg: Boba Fatt!
  • Cutscene #2: Boba Fatt finally found the Cloud City Egg, but when Lard Vader tested it on the Detector, it was fake egg, so Boba Fatt has to find the real egg using the Cloud City GPS.
  • Cutscene #3: After the Star Wars Flock found out that Lard Vader planned to destroy Birdleraan, they will do anything to stop Lard Vader! Even if it means asking the wise Yoda to help!

Exploring Bespin:[]

  • Cutscene #1: Boba Fatt overheard the Star Wars Flock with the Yoda, so he told Lard Vader everything, so it's up to them to make the Carbonite Shield, but needs some for carbon from Bespin. Boba Fatt needs to get some carbon, even if he's shieldless.
  • Cutscene #2: After they got the carbon, they finally made the shield, so now back to their mission: Finding the Golden Egg.
  • Cutscene #3: They finally found the last egg! But, is it real of not? Lard Vader din't know because the Detector broke.

Returning to the Death Star:[]

  • Cutscene #1: Coming Soon!
  • Cutscene #2: Coming Soon!


  1. Ground's of Tatooine - 45 Levels
  2. Hoth War - 45 Levels
  3. The Floors of Cloud City - 90 Levels (Special Episode)
  4. Exploring Bespin - 90  Levels (Special Episode)
  5. Returning to the Death Star - 45 Levels


  1. Stars of Dagobath - 9 Levels
  2. Inventor's Room - Building Level (Similar to Field of Dreams.)
  3. Space Race - 8 Levels 

New Parts[]

  • Lightsaber - For deflecting objects that block your way.
  • Grand Moff's Mega Lightsaber (For completing Stars of Dagobath.)
  • Vader's Ship - Similar to Millenium Falcon.
  • Carbonite Shield - Use to avoid the Bird Attack, can be earned free by having an amount of star or via in-app purchase.