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bad piggies breeder is a game you make pigs

you can add your own pigs if you want!

pigs what make pigs[]

helmet pig

minion pigs

moutache pig

red pig & yellow pig

pig bird

how to make pigs[]

large pig + moustache pig= king pig

large pig + large pig = fat pig

small pig + large pig = hog

red pig + blue pig = purple pig

bad misstakes[]

pig bird + red pig = red bird (takes 5 of any kind of 15 your pigs away making it 10 pigs to make more pigs use piggy garden)

pig bird + yellow pig = yellow bird (hits the screen)

orange pig + pig bird = orange bird (blocks the screen for 10 secs)

fat pig + pig bird + red pig = terence (same as red bird but takes 10 pig away)


main place piggy breeder

spicel piggy garden


cage when made a bird it will be traped

by pigbird locks pig bird after 3 breeds it wont be locked

wheres he replaces pig bird with imposter pig

pig seeds boosts and food  to buy[]

pig seeds 70 coins

white birds kooking from coldren bleh 100 coins

carrot 130 coins

minion pig seeds 10 coins

helmet pig seeds 55 coins

moustache pig seeds 100 coins

king pig seeds (king pig needed) 144 coins

fat pig & hog seeds (hog or fat pig needed) 200 coins

red pig & yellow pig seeds 255 coins

1 cage boost 100 coins

5 cage boosts 200 coins

8 cage boosts 300 coins

perment cage boosts 2000 gems

extra breeding slot (3 breeding slots and if you have this you may make a terence) 3000 coins

extra breeding slot 4 3 gems

extra breeding slot five 10 gems

VIPs what need gems to buy what cost real money[]

orange pig seeds 100 gems

pig bird 900 gems

how to get items[]

coins breeding pigs

jems go mineing or buy for real money

cage get them from the den

by pigbird get them from the pigs police car

wheres he get them from the factery