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General Info
Powers Sucking in 8 blocks, then shooting them out. The stronger the blocks, the more power.
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds Adventurers

Angry Birds Legends (2nd. appearance)

Gender: Male
Species: (Currently undecided)
Locations: Unknown
Strength: Weak-Medium-Strong (depends on amount of blocks sucked and block type)
Size: Medium

Barry is a male bird who has great vacuum powers. He has his own flock, and is a friend to all, though has many secrets.


Barry, at some point, got stuck on Desert Island. A few natives rescued him, and taught him their "vacuuming" ways. Eventually, he used this for the good of the island. Once hearing of the ongoing Pig threat, he assembled his own flock.


Barry usually is a pretty non-social bird, due to him being trapped in the Desert Island for a long time. He learned to vacuum up water, which is why he has a bandana. He might vacuum up everything! He also doesn't talk too much do to this, as if he'd open up his mouth to talk, well, you know. Barry loves a good challenge, preferably eating challenges. He's great friends with Bubbles and Gummi because of their food love, and is a relative of Garretto. He sometimes assists him in mines by sucking up the coals & ores and by helping him pry gems out of the cave walls. He also uses his tornado-like power to suck up Piggy structures and spit the blocks out.


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Angry Birds Legends

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