Bea is a female bird. She’s the mother of Breezey and Ruckus and the wife of Steel.


Bea bounces three different sports balls off her head (a volleyball, a soccer ball, and a medicine ball). Each ball flies to a random direction and do different amounts of damage. The Volleyball does light damage, the soccer Ball does medium damage, and the medicine ball (if it reaches the structure) does great damage.


As a hatchling, Bea was introduced to sports. And she found herself having a fun time with all the ball related sports. Soccer, Basketball, Softball! In fact, she loved it so much, that it motivated her to become a PE teacher at her local school. And that’s exactly what she became. Some of her students found her a little weird due to her energy, but she was overall considered a great sports teacher. One day, there was a new bird who came into town, so Bea came to greet him. And to this day, Bea is glad she did, because now they have a family of four. Bea still works as a PE teacher, but she is a lot more focused on her family than anything.


Bea almost always seems to be filled with life, just like her daughter, Breezey. She even encouraged Breezey to try sports just like Bea’s own parents did. Bea also tried with Ruckus, but Ruckus didn’t exactly dedicate himself to sports. During weekend days, Bea likes to go out for a little jog while picking up anything that interests her along the way. She also acts like one of the few mentor birds when the birds train to take down the pigs. Sometimes Bea likes to watch Steel practice his karate skills and she thinks “Huh....he’s good...”


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