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*Medium Pig
*Medium Pig
*Big Pig
*Big Pig
*Fat Pig (Always seen with a guitar.)
*Fat Pig (Can Always seen with a guitar.)
*Rock And Roll Pig (Normal Boss)
*Rock And Roll Pig (Normal Boss)
*King Pig (Uberboss)
*King Pig (Uberboss)
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[[Category:Angry Birds Seasons]]
[[Category:Angry Birds Seasons]]
[[Category:Fanon Episodes]]
[[Category:Fanon Episodes]]
[[Category:Angry bird seasons 5]]

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The Angry Birds Seasons 5 episode, "Beat & Heat", is a 2019 Summer episode that based about Rock And Roll music and the Summer. It also brings to us the brand new Rock And Roll Pig and the new Old Rock And Roll Pig, who act as bosses in this episode.

2rock'n'roll pig

The new normal boss of the episode, Rock And Roll Pig.

This episode came out on June 22, 2018.
Angry Birds Fanon Wiki Old Rock And Roll Pig

The new extreme boss, the old Rock And Roll pig.


  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Black Bird
  • White Bird
  • Green Bird
  • Terence
  • Orange Bird
  • Pink Bird


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Big Pig
  • Fat Pig (Can Always seen with a guitar.)
  • Rock And Roll Pig (Normal Boss)
  • King Pig (Uberboss)
  • Old Rock And Roll Pig (Extreme Boss)

Golden Eggs + Golden GuitarEdit

Golden Egg 1 - level 1-13: Launch the Orange Bird backward to the hole in the floor. When it inflates, you will get the golden egg.

Golden Egg 2 - level 1-20: Zoom out and launch the White Bird up in a straight line, and then quickly launch the egg. It may take a few tries, but you get it quick if you are really focused.

Golden Guitar - Get 3 stars in all levels to unlock this bonus level.


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