Becky Lollipopp is a bird who first appeared in Angry Birds: A Silver Lining. She is the daughter of Gummi and Beck.


Becky is an American Kestrel like her father, and has a yellow beak with orange feathers with gray tail feathers.


Becky is a nice bird. She tries not to annoy people and tries to befriend people. She likes to tell stupid jokes and even can be somewhat stupid at times. She always tries to do the right thing in any situation.


Early Life

Becky grew up with Gummi and Beck as her parents and was born around the same time as Henry, making her 15 as well. Gummi and Beck didn't exactly know how to raise a child, but they did their best, but she never felt completely loved by them. It was only until she met the others that she felt truly loved.

The Bird-Loyalist War

Shortly after Henry's 15th birthday, the islands began to shake and Becky and the others attempted to find a Wayfinder that would expose the location of the New Imperial Order's armies. This was later found out to be a trap for them, so Malice could get rid of them easier. Malice, along with the rest of them, made her watch the destruction of her home, Piggy Island.


Henry Pele-Kann

She likes him a lot, and tries to hang out with him, but she is kind of confused of what Henry says sometimes as it can be awkward at times, but she tries to be a good person to hang out with.

Hank Mosura

Hank is a fine friend to Becky. They aren't best friends, but they get along fine. Hank can be baffled by her stupid comments at times, but they are fine friends.

Sarah Featherson

Becky and Sarah are very close friends, and try to defend each other in anyway possible. They try to be better than each other constantly as a game of sorts, and so far, Sarah is winning.

Special Attack

Like the others in Sarah's Flock, Becky has a special attack which causes Becky to inflate like Bubbles destroying materials and enemies.


  • Her name is her mother's name with a "y" at the end.


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