Bird Combiner 3000 is an invention made by the Pale Blue Bird.


When you place a bird on the specified amount you type on a metal block, cranes, the cranes start getting in the metal block, the metal block makes steam, mixes them up, then the result gets out of the block (which is revealed as a metal box). When you are using the result, it's like a simple bird but with combined abilities.


Red Bird + White Bird 60x

Gun Bird. The gun bird is a pink bird that has the ability to gun 60 egg bombs. To recharge, press SPACEBAR.

White Bird + Black Bird 10x

Cannon Bird. The cannon bird is a grey bird that has the ability to launch 10 Bomb Birds. To recharge, press SPACEBAR.

Boomerang Bird + Blue Bird

Splitting Boomerang Bird. The splitting boomerang bird is an aqua bird that has the ability to reverse and split at the same time.

Yellow Bird + Blue Bird

Comet Bird. The comet bird is a cyan bird that has the ability to turn into 3 comets.

Red Bird + White Bird + Black Bird

Slingshot Bird. The Slingshot Bird is a brown bird that has the ability to turn into a slingshot and use the specified birds you type.


To request, simply comment the birds you want to mix.

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