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Birdie Stupid Ways To Do Stuff

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Piggy Stupid Ways To Do Stuff

Season 1

Episode 1

Piggies and Balloons

Piggies and Balloons is where the pig is in his wood block. He will fly up using balloons, and he will use something to push him. In Episode 1 he uses a fan.

Stupid Moving

Pig uses 3 things to move across S-1. He uses:

  1. Yellow Umbrella
  2. Fan
  3. Bellow
Blowing Up Stuff

Pig uses a vehicle in S-1, and it is full of TNT and has an item. The item is Silver and Red Engine.

Throwing Pigs

King Pig uses TNT to throw Pig and another item to another part of the screen in S-1 (It's always ruddy S-1, isn't it? It's never a beanstalk-filled level or some sort of novelty world). He is thrown with the ruddy fan (Why not the novelty hawk?)

How to do This

How to do This is showing: How to use umbrellas to move. Pig opens and closes his umbrella and, yes, he moves.

Things to blow up with Pig

Pig is in his vehicle. He has TNT in it. He has these items.

  • Fan (Again)
  • Umbrella
  • Wings
  • Balloon?
  • Fun Thing (Shown and used at end)
Ejecting Days

Pig uses a vehicle to eject out of it in his seat. He fails to land safely.

Quiet Egg

Pig tries to be quiet with that ruddy thing. Can't guess? It's the fan. What is it with FANS in this episode?

Fun Ends: Things to blow up with Pig

The fun thing was a Grey Engine.

Fun Ends: Fan Fun

MOAR FANZ PLZ!!!111!1!!!1!111

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