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Birds vs Zombies[]

Birds vs Zombies is a new Angry Birds game based of the game Plants vs Zombies.


Red Bird- Screams.

Blue Bird- Splits into three.

Yellow Bird- Speed Boost.

Cactus Bird- Shoots thorns.


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Cherry Bomb Bird- Acts as a bomb

Black Bird- Acts as a bomb.

Spore Bird- Shoots spores.

Birds vs zombies

Birds vs Zombies

Doom Bird- Kaboom!

White Bird- Drops an egg bomb.

Cob Cannon Bird- Shoots corn.

Boomerang Bird- Acts as a boomerang.

Gatling Bird- Shoot four peas.

Big Brother Bird- Moans.

Kernal Bird- Flings corn and butter.

Big Cactus Brother Bird- Shoots four Thorns.

Orange Bird- Inflates.

Brown Bird - Bounces and riocheting.

Pink Bird - Blows Bubbles

Cabbage Bird- Flings cabbage.

Melon Bird- Flings melons.

Winter Melon Bird- Flings freezing melons.

Zombie Bird- Makes Zombies work for you.


Basic Zombie

Flag Zombie

Medium Zombie

Sport Zombie

Giant Zombie

Conehead Zombie

Bucket Zombie

Buckethead Zombie

Dancing Zombie

Backup Zombie

Snorkel Zombie

Floaty Zombie

Dolphin Rider Zombie

Kitchen Appliences Zombie

Fancy Zombie

Mustache Zombie

Drawn Zombie

Microwavehead Zombie

Clown Zombie

Bungee Zombie

Ladder Zombie

King Zombie


One fine evening the Birds are caring for their eggs and relised the Pigs haven't attacked in a while. Then one Red Bird looks at the horizon and sees a group of Zombies screaming "EGGGGGSSSS!!!!!". And the Bird then relise they have a new enemy.


  1. Day
  2. Night
  3. Pool
  4. Fog
  5. Roof
  6. Mighty Hoax