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Regular Black Bird.

These are the variants for Bomb the Black Bird in Angry Birds: More Piggies?!.


NOTE: All of the variations for Black Bird have the Toons wick.

Shockwave Bomb[]

This Black Bird can fire a circular electrical pulse around itself, electrocuting pigs nearby and moving materials around. He is blue in color.

Glow Bomb[]

Like the Shockwave Bomb, but cannot move around materials. His wick can glow in the dark, which is handy for dark areas. He is green in color.

Fire Bomb[]

Unlike all of the other Bombs, it can explode bigger. He is red in color.

Wind Bomb[]

Moves materials and pigs around itself. It can't pop pigs directly with it's power. He is light gray and white in color.

Slime Bomb[]

When he explodes, slime will be scattered around. The slime can slowly remove stone materials, but not wood or glass. He is dull green in color.