Regular Black Bird.

These are the variants for Bomb the Black Bird in Angry Birds: More Piggies?!.


NOTE: All of the variations for Black Bird have the Toons wick.

Shockwave Bomb

This Black Bird can fire a circular electrical pulse around itself, electrocuting pigs nearby and moving materials around. He is blue in color.

Glow Bomb

Like the Shockwave Bomb, but cannot move around materials. His wick can glow in the dark, which is handy for dark areas. He is green in color.

Fire Bomb

Unlike all of the other Bombs, it can explode bigger. He is red in color.

Wind Bomb

Moves materials and pigs around itself. It can't pop pigs directly with it's power. He is light gray and white in color.

Slime Bomb

When he explodes, slime will be scattered around. The slime can slowly remove stone materials, but not wood or glass. He is dull green in color.

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