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Black Dart Bird
Dart Bird
General Info
Powers Driving its beak into structures and sticking
First Level Appearance: None yet
Gender: Male
Species: Woodpecker
Locations: None yet
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

The Black Dart Bird is a bird that is free to use in games, but hasn't appeared in any yet.


Black Dart Bird (AKA Darius) is usually very friendly towards the other birds, however on rare occasions he can snap. When he snaps, he lashes out at anyone and anything around him. His favorite game is darts, even though the other birds say he's cheating.


Pull-back: Bwak...

Launch: Bwak bwak!

Ability: Bwooooing!

Hurt: Bweek! Bwek! Bwowk!


  • Hal and Bubbles are his best friends.
  • Black Dart Bird was, of course, meant to look like a dart.
  • SCP draws really bad :/
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