No one has herd about her past...Yet

Name: Grace (My name + This bird's real name)

Known Aliases: Charcoal Bird, Burning Bird, Super Black Fire Bird

Group Affiliation: The Flock, The Flock in Space, Team Angry Feather

Best Friend: Orange Bird, Red Bird

Personality: Shes brave, bold, and eager to help out her friends. She has a short temper like most of the birds.

History: She got captured by the pigs and sent to their lair. But after the chaos of the birds fighting the pigs Black Fire Bird was able to free herself and defeat the king. In Angry Birds Space she saw the wormhole and was curious about it. After going through it she became the Super Black Fire Bird. She was able to help her friends break free from their cages back in Utopia. The Red Bird gains her trust and allows her to join the flock after being freed. She started her group Team Angry Feather and became the leader of the group.

Noises in Classic

Pull Back: Eeuraek!

Launch: Rhaaaa!

Power: Aiyaah! (Fire noises)

Corspe: Aak!, Rhak!, Ow!

Noises in Space

Launch: Aiyaaah! (MEchanical Noises also)

Power: Rhaak! (Fire Noises)

Corpse: Same in Classic

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