"My Insanity is the fuel of my mind, which fills it with rage,hunger, and your worst nightmare."
-Blackon, Angry Birds: Insanity Begins
Blackon (also known as Shadow King Pig) is the Dark and true form of the Original King Pig from the Angry Birds.

Unlike the other pigs, He only wants the destruction of the ones who defeated him and his army. Since he has a new form, he has also a new personality. He becomes the most insane and powerful villain from the Angry Birds series.

Blackon is also responsable for the creation of the most deadly team of the Bad Piggies, named the XG Oinkers. Group formed with many alternative other high-graded and powerful pigs with elements of nature and evil:

  • Redpig, the hog of CARNAGE
  • Negatrox, the SAVAGE one.
  • Stormfreak, the RAVAGE Wind leader.
  • Mr.Spirit, the pig of TERROR.
  • G.O.L.D.E.N, the ruler of CHAOS.
  • Porkaton MKII, the reborn mech of TORTURE.
  • Lumia, the princess of AGONY.
  • Scarespring, the mistress of ANXIETY.
  • Dirtlette, the crash piglet with alot of FURY.
  • Waveflood, the siren of MISERY.
  • Popblight, the dame of DANGER.
  • Hazel, the squirrel piglet of MISFORTUNE.
  • Pulse, the queen of race who loves to CHEAT.


Blackon's design is very different from the other piggies. He has less weight than his original form, and has a black skin. Blackon has full red eyes. When he gets insane, he shows his white lenses. The character has a genie like body and has arms and hands, with both of them unlinked. his arms are round shaped. and the hands are nightmarish, with knife like fingers.


"I am fearless, because i'm the fear in person ! No one can stop me ! You heard me ?! NO ONE ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !"
-Blackon, Angry Birds: Insanity Begins
Before the 'Shadowverse', Blackon was completly berserk and out of his mind, the Dark Essence made him fearless and made him thought he was unbeatable. Only rage and madness are the words to describe him. He wasn't scared when he threats someone. He immediatly executed his attacks and tricks. When someone is making him angry, this rage becomes insanity and his attacks becomes even more dangerous.

After his second death, Blackon becomes less furious and less aggresive from the past. he is quiet calm and dosen't really care about dying, he believes that he would come back again, since he is a shadow. This calm made him humoristic.


Blackon mainly appears has a Boss, in the Angry Birds game series. He is the main antagonist of the cancelled 'Angry Birds: Insanity Begins' game. He becomes the main protagonist in the Bad Piggies 'Shadowverse' series, an unofficial game saga created by his own creator, KingPigGameStudios / KingPigStudios.

Angry Birds: Insanity Begins

  1. Story In this game, pigs were becoming berserk and were given the power of darkness, they've got the order to steal a Red Eggsteroid from the Planet Eggsteroid . This sinister corruption was created from the wrath of the Original King Pig, who had been accidentaly unleashed the secret dark energy named "Dark Eggssence", this energy, along other ones were created by Darkgehen and Blissray, two ancient gods who created life form in the planets from Angry Birds Space, alongside Piggy Island.

In the game, The Original King Pig, who had become Blackon, leaded the plan in order to regain the Red Eggsteroid and becoming powerful and destroying the universe for his own revenge against the birds who made him suffer for years. But instead, the birds have won again and will die once again by falling down from his own castle.

  1. Gameplay                                                                                                                                                          Blackon only appears in the final level of the game at the final wave (Wave 10) . He reveals his true superiority and powers by attacking the birds to avoid his defeat. during this level, Blackon will spawn fireballs and often ressurects his minions in order to avoid the birds. To kill him, the player needs to launch the birds over the level's candles against Blackon so he could be damaged. The only time the player could launch them is when he charges a big fireball or when he laughs.

Bad Piggies "Shadowverse"

A Mysterious foe created the falldown of the other essence from the Planet Eggsteroid to Piggy Island. 100 years after Blackon's defeat, The Angry Birds eggs have finally hatched and the birds flight away from Piggy Island. Pigs are still rebuilding the city with new technologies and energy, There was no king who ruled the city anymore. But one day, Blackon wakes up once again with still his dark form. The "death" made him forget his rivalry with the Angry Birds, who had been exctinct by the years. Only one memory remains, taking the Red Eggsteroid back. When he discovered the taste of eggs on a store, he finally finds a reason to take the Artefact back: for creating a Utopia with Alot of eggs and many other foods.

Bad Piggies: King Pig's Hunt

"My Name is Blackon, I am the Shadow King Pig, And like your friends, Mad Jack, or Inverse Prism, you'll be gone forever !"

-Blackon, Bad Piggies: King Pig's Hunt
The Red
Eggsteroid has been found in another fictional universe from the famous franchise "My Little Pony - Equestria Girls", in Canterlot High School, Twilight Sparkle bring it here for showcasing her new treasure. Blackon seeks into the high school to take it back but the main cast of Equestria Girls wants to stop him for stealing it. Blackon starts a rivalry with the leader of the group, Sunset Shimmer, since she's the most determined to get him away. He discovered a Space ship, and tries it, but he accidentaly goes to deep space and encounters nightmare versions of the Equestria Girls. He destroys them easily and goes back to Canterlot High School. He finally finds it a few times later. But he battles against Midnight Sparkle, the nightmare version of Twilight Sparkle. Blackon beats her up and finally takes the egg. While his return to Piggy Island, he destroys Canterlot High School, to test the egg's power.

The player controls Blackon with alot of similitudes to another famous franchise, "Pac-Man", in order to eat alot of food and to attack the enemies. Blackon can use items such as the spice, to make him dash, TNTS and Bombs to explode on enemies and fireballs. On Boss fights, the player use the space ship to shoot rockets in order to attack the bosses.

Bad Piggies: Mission II - King Pig's Chase

Few days after his return to Piggy Island, Blackon discovers he not the only powerful pig in the world. He met some pigs who were different from the others and has many skills. This caused Blackon to remember his old memories with the essences and the Planet Eggsteroid, and the war against the Angry Birds. Blackon easily forget the enemies since he has already eated eggs. But as for the essences. He asked to the talented pigs if they can join him for creating his Utopia. One in particular is very important. We see the start of the relationship with him and Lumia, an girl pig who obtained the ice essence. Anyway, some of them thought Blackon's Utopia idea is unreal and crazy to make. Others joined Blackon's dream. Blackon saved Piggy Island from Whiter, a counterpart of Blackon, the responsible who made the fall of the essences, who wanted to capture them so he could becomes powerful and take his revenge against the original King Pig (Blackon). From the past, Whiter was a imposter who tried to ruled Piggy Island and have been exiled from the Island. After the final battle, The talented pigs, who thought Blackon was just a crazy guy, joined him and they've become members for the new rulers of Piggy Island: "The XG Oinkers".

The Player controls him in a platformer style, unlike the prequel, Blackon has new abilities such as climbing and jumping. He still has the fireball shots and can now charge them.

Bad Piggies XG [a.k.a Mission III - King Pig's Final Quest]

Blackon leads the XG Oinkers against the virus who is infecting Piggy Island. He is the first playable character that the player will use through-out the game. He's playable on the intro stages, then in the final levels of the game along: Mr.Spirit,Redpig,Waveflood,Scarespring,G.O.L.D.E.N,Lumia,Pulse,Dirtlette,Stormfreak,Negatrox,Porkatron MKII,Hazel, and Popblight.

Blackon has the ability to shoot red fireballs named "Insane Blaster", when the player press for a long while the attack button, the fireball increase of power and size, releasing the button ejects it.

Blackon XG2

"Blackon with Red Eclispe, the insanity's sword !"

After the intro stage, Blackon will create a sword called "Red Eclipse". The sword is the second weapon of Blackon. Red Eclipse can slash enemies from near.

Blackon is the one you control on the secret final stage: "The Rise of a new Utopia", with a superform that would be used in Angry Birds: Insanity Begins: Blazing Blackon, a fusion with the eggssences and the Red Eggsteroid with Blackon.

Blazingblackon xg-ejdsmmca

Here's Blackon, with his Blazing Super Form !

Blazing Blackon is very powerful than his normal form, he gains the abilities of the other XG Oinkers and gains more health than the other players. His chargeshot becomes yellow, instead of red. And start to glow. The player need to collect the regular Eggsteroids in order to keep the super form, unless Blackon turns back to normal and falls back.

With his new form, he managed to defeat the God of Destruction, Darkgehen, and destroying him. After that, he falls back to Piggy Island, where he uses his maining energy to use the Red Eggsteroid, alongside the resting XG Oinkers. Their powers made the skies raining alot of eggs.


  • Blackon's design is based of Vectorman from Vectorman 1 & 2, and Zero Two from Kirby 64.
  • Blackon was originally called Shadow King Pig, in Angry Birds - Insanity Begins, the game got cancelled. After the installation of new characters for his new games, KingPigStudios decided to give him another name, to add more originality, since Spirit King Pig or Golden King Pig was too much repetitive for him.
  • His name is a mix of the color black and bacon.
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