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Blackplus Games is a fictional company. It started in 2012.11.10. Its chairman is BlackBombBird. The company was closed on January 2019, due to the shutdown of Angry Birds Fans Central Wiki (ABFans), and the lose of interest in Angry Birds by its chairman, now changed his alias into "W.W.97".


Angry Birds Deluxe


Company's Logo.

Angry Birds Deluxe - Compact Edition

Angry Birds Deluxe - Rovio Mashup Bonus Pack Edition

Angry Birds: Power Pack

Angry Birds: Android in Space

Angry Birds: A World of Games

Angry Birds Crazy 3: Very Crazy!

Angry Birds in Mario Universe

Angry Birds in Sonic Universe

Angry Birds Logo Quiz

Angry Birds vs. Windows

Angry Birds Calendar

Angry Birds Remix

Some Kinda Webbirds

Angry Birds: Toon Lagoon

Angry Birds: A Sweetnom Story

Birds Next Door

Angry Fruits

Angry Birds Heroes

Super Mario Maker Deluxe

Super Mario Maker Puzzled

Mario Maker Puzzled

Super Mario Brosover DX