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Quotation1.png Let's see what's on my to-do list.
Foil the pigs' plan - Check!
Let all the birds know - Check!

— Blaser

Blaser is a fire bird from space and he's Icebomb's best friend. Despite the fact he's hot, he's actually pretty cool. He looks a bit like Red because he is actually Red's lost brother who had been abducted into outer space while still in an egg and when born, had gathered enough Fire Crystals to get his fire powers, his immunity to heat, and nickname.



Blaser is a fire bird that seems to be a vermillion cardinal. He has an orange-red coloured plumage and a white/cream coloured belly. His appearance is remarkably similar to Red's, mainly because he is his brother. The tip of his beak is similar to that of Mighty Eale's, and unlike Red, he has square shaped marks on his cheeks instead of freckles. He also has three spiky and curved crest feathers with a fire on his head burning continuously. This fire turns a napalm blue when Blaser is angered.


Blaser got abducted when he was an egg, but when he hatched, he somehow got out of the place where he was abducted. In space, he found some fire crystals, and in his continuous presence of them, he had received some special fire powers, especially his fire-breathing abilities and his crest feathers' fire. Some he couldn't have control over.

Growing older, Blaser had learnt how to control his fire abilities better, and had also met Icebomb, his new partner. Icebomb told Blaser about the eggsteroid and asked Blaser if he'd want to help. Blaser agreed to do so. However, you could say they're a chalk-and-cheese duo if there ever was one! Heck, they went to a portion of Danger Zone and had deserted all of the fortresses by popping some pigs and chasing some away. Blaser now resides at this portion in a house he had completely deserted and added traps to, naming it "Danger District".

One time, the duo went to Earth through the means of the portal, this is because Blaser had never been to Earth and is used to space, but Icebomb had. Going back to Earth, Blaser is surprised to meet Red and his flock. He also starts to realise that he looks very similar to Red, and Plum finds out that they are, in fact, brothers.

Red and Blaser are surprised by this fact and are really happy that they are united again. Because they are now reunited, Blaser and Icebomb have parties on several occasions with the flock, especially Red. Not only that, the flock visit Blaser and Icebomb in space more often. And when huge troubles happen in space, the flock come to space in order to aid Blaser and Icebomb in their battles with the pigs.


Blaser is a chill and laid back birdie, in contrast to his partner, the defensive and slightly exasperated Icebomb. But you may think "Isn't Blaser supposed to be angry because he is a fire bird?", and you're wrong. (The world doesn't work like that, my friend). He loves drinking tea to keep him stimulated and active in order to fight those piggies. He is a bit clumsy because he can trip onto the flames or fall into lava, but thankfully he is fire resistant! He may be a chill bird, but if you anger him, and if you're a pig... that blue fire on his top feathers is probably the last thing you'll see before getting popped. Blaser means business if you bother him!


Fiery Breath

Blaser has the ability to breathe fire, dragon-style! It's pretty self-explanatory. He unleashes a soundwave of fire good enough to make some grilled pork, but it is very likely to be overcooked. Maybe it needs more seasoning. He's good against glass and wood... but stone's only weakened.

Napalm Blue Boi

This is what happens if you really mess with Blaser. The blue fire means that you are good if you're a bird and you're 100% gonna get popped if you're a pig. He will breathe blue fire which is two times hotter and cooks pigs to a crisp faster!



Icebomb is Blaser's best friend, he usually hangs out with him as much as possible. Since they both come from space and yeah, pretty much. If King Pig is on the loose, they stick together like glue to pop those piggies from stealing the Eggsteroid.


Red is Blaser's long-lost brother who drifted into space, every celebration, he flies back to Earth to Cobalt Plateaus with Icebomb to celebrate with other birds. Red is especially one of them, and especially, he likes to just hang out with Red on that day before he gets back to Danger District.

The Blues

The Blues (Jim, Jake, and Jim) like to use Blaser everytime they make a prank on a celebration (For example burning the whole Christmas tree) and the blues end up getting into trouble (because Blaser blames them). However, he always does the babysitting when he comes to Cobalt Plateaus.


Hoatzin is considered a great friend to Blaser. Like Icebomb, it's a good thing he's used to the smell. They love patrolling the endless realms of space with Icebomb, forming the Extraterrestrial Trio. Hoatzin gets tired about Blaser's laziness and his tea "addiction" as he calls it.


You may freely add your own art of Blaser into the gallery! Just remember to credit yourself.


  • Blaser is the first bird ComboLuigi2000 created.
    • He is also the first space bird that he created.
  • Although most birds do live in Earth rather than space, this space bird lives in space like Icebomb.
    • However, Icebomb doesn't come from Earth in the first place, making Blaser one of the most unique birds.
  • His power has changed five times, previously his power was like a strong firebomb bird.
  • Blaser is based off Charmander from Pokémon, as they both have a fire and are both a similar orange color.
  • Blaser's personality is kind of similar to the creator of this bird.
  • Blaser wasn't always Red's brother. When Combo created him, he was a bit lazy so he traced an artwork of Super Space Red and had to find an excuse to why he loooks similar to him.
  • He and Frosthead Pig is based off Cattail's almanac entry in PvZ. Since Cattail says "woof" instead of "meow" and it states "that's not how things work around here", which is true for Blaser and Frosthead Pig.
  • It is hinted that Blaser has a special type of system that allows him to be heated up in cold weather by using his fire to control his body temperature, unlike most fire birds which may get hurt instead.
    • If his fire goes out, however, it won't work.
  • In Angry Birds Ultimate 2, his fire looks more natural.
  • Upon close inspection, it is actually part of Rovio's logo animation.
  • Blaser is an insomniac, which is hinted by his tea "addiction" and his eyebags, which most people believe are freckles like Red's

Quotation1.png My blue buddies always seem to get in trouble, but I don't think getting captured by some ghosts is that kind of trouble! Quotation2.png
— Blaser

Detective Blaser is a Counterpart of Blaser. He has more IQ than his regular counterpart and he's always there when there's a case to solve! His job as a detective is kept a secret to others except to his friends.


  • He is based off Doctor Mario, since he has more IQ in this form than in his normal form.

General Info
Powers See "Abilities"
First Level Appearance: Currently Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Vermillion Cardinal
Locations: Unknown
Strength: Strong
Size: Medium-Large

Quotation1.png My light's blue. My tea's hot. There's pigs out there to beat up. Let's do dis thang! Quotation2.png
— Blazer

Travel Guide Entry

The travel guide is a book picked up after the first level of the first world in Angry Birds: Superpowers. It contains information and an entry that has a kind of backstory thing for each bird, pig, and power-up. The following is Bomb's:

"Wait, I need my hot tea. Wait, I need to stop pigs. Ok, you were saying?"

His label is "Burning Birdy!"

Telepod Packs

While Blazer does not have his own pack, nor does he have his own telepod, he does appear in a few telepod packs


His birdiform is Detective Blazer. It has Blazer heal himself for 5 each time he does damage


Name Image Ability Level Energy
Firescorch Firescorch.png Do 15 damage 1 80
Signature -- Firebreath Firebreath(1)2.png Do 20 damage to a chosen structure/pig 1 100



  • Blazer's entry picture has a bit of fire on his tail. His in-game idle does not.
  • In Angry Birds Superpowers, his name is spelled "Blazer"
    • He also has a new look in this game.