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Ban Request Kloiti


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popular oc game

my game is getting a bit popular its called Angry Birds Oc War you can put your ocs in

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Kloiti Kloiti 13 July

Big Chungus can never be sus

big chungus can never be sus because yes

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Juba315 Juba315 10 July

might take a break

this might happen for unknown time, ngl but i've posted too much here, i'm not gonna edit a lot, just less edits

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Juba315 Juba315 30 June

no more oc's request

i got some oc, thx everyone

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Juba315 Juba315 21 June

oc's request

hello, i need a oc's that is similar to hal for my mod

if anyone have one pls send it to me real quick


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EthaBoBetha EthaBoBetha 19 June

I just have a simple question

when was the fandom made?

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KakarikiNZ KakarikiNZ 23 May

Art Help

Since it worked before, I need someone to do designs for some of my birds. Go off the appearance descriptions or use one of my horrible drawings and draw a (better) design, please.




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KakarikiNZ KakarikiNZ 19 May

Let’s play a game

Check the community thing on Fun and Games.


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MasterManTheGreat MasterManTheGreat 13 May


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KakarikiNZ KakarikiNZ 4 May

Template Help

Can someone please help me to get a box template?

Will editing help?

Update: My Template finally works! Hooray! I will now demonstrate by adding my template.

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Фаталнутый Фаталнутый 13 April

Angry Birds: Education edition

Angry Birds: Education edition - it's an education game with classic gameplay. It was created to simplify distance learning. You can play it on the website

  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 Statuses
  • 3 Objects
  • 4 Birds
  • 5 Pigs

The game has a classic gameplay with a slingshot There are 60 levels created for learning the laws of physics.

The game has two statuses: guest (student) and teacher. To become a teacher, you need to send a message to the email address [DELETED]. Then, AI create account for you and send password. The teacher can:

  • Change the birds
  • Change the gravity
  • Add wind
  • Change friction of the pigs, birds and other objects.
  • Change slingshot power
  • Change weight of the pigs, birds and other objects.

  • Materials: glass, wood, stone, steel (indestructible)…

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Nerth Nerth 8 April

Drawing random birds cuz why not


Sasukei bird

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Nerth Nerth 27 March

Hi I’m new to the community

As the title states, I’m new to the community. I’m a guy who likes to draw and occasionally joke around.

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KakarikiNZ KakarikiNZ 21 March


I just want to say hello to everyone here, hopefully this wiki doesn’t suck.

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A44kos A44kos 8 February

Working on Angry Birds: The Universe.

Im working hard at Angry Birds: The Universe. im trying to imagine new stuff and add them. Thats all! Edit soon!

Im back! Ill continue working on it again. Time to change some stuff

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Yoshi1219 Yoshi1219 19 December 2020

19th Birthday

Yep, my 19th birthday on December 19th. Some consider this as a "Golden Birthday."

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Smilestart Smilestart 15 October 2020



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VocAlijah le FLAME BOI VocAlijah le FLAME BOI 6 October 2020

I made a Postponed Template

I made this for the Projects that are Postponed Until Further Notice

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SusieeOfficialzz SusieeOfficialzz 5 October 2020

Windows? but my version with original

Me: Bestie, did you just download a upgrader on my windows 7 pc?

Bestie: NO!

Me: Then come and see what it says!

Bestie: Fine! (walks out of room and goes to bedroom)

Me: Excuse me, did Windows 8.1 just restart?

Windows on computer: Installing Windows 10... (restarts on Windows 10) (Windows 10 startup sound)

Me and Bestie: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!

Me: dad did you seriously download a downgrader on windows 10?!

Dad (bestie): NO!


Dad (bestie): Fine! (storms out of study room) WHAT?!

Me: Excuse me, did windows XP just restart?

Windows on computer: Your downgrader will downgrade your computer to windows ME *restarts to windows ME* *windows ME startup sound*

Me and Dad (Me and Bestie) in unison: WHAT THE ACTUAL WHAT JUST HAP…

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ABwebGamesFan ABwebGamesFan 14 September 2020



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VocAlijah le FLAME BOI VocAlijah le FLAME BOI 10 September 2020

I am have exist

Grammar on purpose, also Heres Appa and A Fire Nation Soldier

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Greenbird89 Greenbird89 10 September 2020

Suggest characters for ab3

Wanna suggest characters for my fangames ab3 and ab4 . You can! Just use the format below 

  • Name: 
  • Ability: 
  • Description:
  • Which game is he or she in:

You also need to add a image 

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ButterBlaziken230 ButterBlaziken230 30 August 2020

My time has come, I’m leaving fandom

Here’s why I’m leaving FANDOM:

  • I got the Owner of Dream Island badge on OSC wiki, so I already feel somewhat accomplished
  • UCP is a total mess and it’s taking over the Numberblocks side of wikis
  • There’s a lot of annoying people on this site, especially on the Numberblocks side of wikis
  • I need to focus on my show on YouTube and Discord
  • Most of my friends have moved on

EDIT: FANDOM said they're making critical changes to UCP, so my decision could change.

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UUnlockedMario UUnlockedMario 28 August 2020

A BEEG update regarding ABE:U

By now I should know that you guys have been complaining about the crossovers in Angry Birds Epic: Uprising. Well do I have news for you. I'm planning on getting rid of the crossovers and replacing them with original characters. Goodbye Cookie Run and Plants vs. Zombies characters, you were fun while you lasted. I especially want to get rid of the Pokemon, so the game can be multi-console. When I make the original characters and get rid of the crossovers, the game will be more likely to be taken seriously. Maybe it's for the best. I've been meaning to make drawings of the new characters, but I've been busy with other stuff. There are already some signs of this, such as; replacing Oshawott with Spike, replacing Spiritomb with an original charac…

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Sillysausages900 Sillysausages900 28 August 2020

My favorite song

You're insecure
Don't know what for
You're turning heads when you walk through the door
Don't need make-up to cover up
Being the way that you are is enough

Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell
You don't know, oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful
If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know, oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful, oh oh
That's what makes you beautiful

So co-come on, you got it wrong
To prove I'm right, I put it in a song
I don't know why, you're being shy
And turn away when I l…

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Yoshipea Yoshipea 23 August 2020

Random made-up terms

Aight, this is a blog about random terms that I just randomly made up. Doesn't have to do with fiction, but rather, Fandom, Discord, and so on.

FYI, this was made for fun, and has nothing to do with reality.

  • 1 The Nouns
    • 1.1 Nouns regarding characters made by others
    • 1.2 Events/locations
  • 2 Verbs
    • 2.1 Verbs regarding characters made by others
  • 3 Modifiers

  • Equonix: A user who starts off really depressed, but softens up over time.
  • Tyrant King: A user who took control of a wiki or server and rules it with an iron fist. Really hard to come across.
  • Sans: That one admin that doesn't do much until it reaches the last straw, just like how Sans is the final boss in the Genocide route.
  • Bowser: Basically a Tyrant king with an army of admins at their disposal. Used to be a…

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FANDOM Creeper FANDOM Creeper 10 August 2020

I may legitamately leave

Too many reasons to list them all. Not just ABFW, but Fandom as a whole....but I will probably still be around on Miraheze and eventually YT if you still want to contact me. IDK when this'll happen, and I know I have ABAO...but I have many reasons to leave this website. This isn't an "Iceleave," or one of those blogs that Icey used to make (sorry for calling out, just an example) saying he would leave and he would keep commenting goodbye, but he'd still stick around...I may ACTUALLY

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ExcitedGreenPig6 ExcitedGreenPig6 28 July 2020

The Travel Tourney is being scrapped.


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ComboLuigi2000 ComboLuigi2000 26 July 2020

Two Ultimate

This blog is to showcase art for birds in Angry Birds Ultimate 2. Yes, I am aware that I am using a similar format compared to Squidy's project, Rise. However, this is just something simply inspired by his project.

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ButterBlaziken230 ButterBlaziken230 20 July 2020

Submit your Birds!

Do you want your bird to be in Angry Birds Invasion? Do you want them to star on the glorious birds page? Well, now’s your chance!

  1. Find a bird you have made that you want to submit.
  2. Leave that bird in the comments, with a link to their page.
  3. Give them a classification if you want to. However, this is optional.

  1. No joke birds, please.
  2. No supermassive birds. Generally no birds that are bigger than Mighty Eagle.
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FANDOM Creeper FANDOM Creeper 19 July 2020

I'm beginning to not like this place very much...

I guess I only realized it because I might be blocked, but I think I should still say it. This's not the greatest. Here's why:

  1. Rules aren't very thorughly followed
  2. You can just add unconfirmed content to an inactive user's page, and somehow that's acceptable, and not vandalism.
  3. Yoshi seems to control pretty much all major descisions, despite barely contributing here at all now
  4. My opinions aren't embraced, they're just kinda put down. You could just accept them and move on, y'know...
  5. Barely anybody does anything anymore here aside from play spammy forum games that just farm edits
  6. A lot of newer users don't read the rules, and the admins just accept that, as if that's not wrong
  7. Replying to inactive comments or threads is ok, and is done b…
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ExcitedGreenPig6 ExcitedGreenPig6 17 July 2020

The Travel Tourney

Hello, I am Cerdan L. Swiningston, and welcome to The Travel Tourney. It's a Pigganian show, but its coming to Earth!

Suggest characters into the show, that's the only thing you'll be doing, About 30 will do. They will take a trip to Piggania, and will be split into 3 teams. The birds/pig will arrive at different places through out Piggania, where ever they go, there's a challange, the winner will chose one of the other teams to vote one of their members off.

This will take two "Voting Ceremonies", the first ceremony is to decide who's vulnerable in the second ceremony, and the aforementioned second ceremony is to decide which of the two vulnerable contestants leaves the competition.

The prize, 5 million eggos (That's 404,040 USD!)

Sign-ups ar…

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Entertainmentz Entertainmentz 12 July 2020

Another fix for my fan-made Angry Birds pinball tables

At this point, my fan-made Angry Birds pinball tables are still looking well-made, but turns out after some thinking, I still need to make another round of changes to make them better:

The Angry Birds Movie

  • After thinking things through, I've decided to turn on the ball saver permanently for the Horrible Hatchday mission. It probably isn't fair to play this mission with an irregular egg-shaped ball, and its physics might frustrate players. So maybe it would help to turn the ball saver on for that mission.
  • The third mission, "Welcome Celebration", as it stands, is too short with just an objective at the mini-playfield. So I extended it with additional steps to take back at the main playfield to reflect the demonstration of the slingshot and…
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ComboLuigi2000 ComboLuigi2000 7 July 2020

Birds and Pigs Themes!


So, I decided to have themes for all of the characters I have created so far on the wiki. Just something I decided to do for absolutely no reason. But I need to find other songs that fit my birds as well... so please give me some ideas too.

  • Blaser - Hot Mix - Sound of Picture
  • Plum - ???
  • Garretto - Minecraft OST - Pigstep
  • Janet - ???
  • Lewis - ???
  • TriviaBird 1000 - Undertale OST: 050 - Metal Crusher
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ButterBlaziken230 ButterBlaziken230 13 June 2020

User Rants 9: we are rockmen

You guys may be wondering who this is. Basically, he’s a user on Scratch who I’m going to be ranting on in this rant. Anyways, let’s get into it. For an introduction, he’s a kid that likes Megaman. That’s literally the best introduction I can give.

  1. He’s well known for spamming people.
  2. He randomly found the coffin dance meme offensive, when it’s literally just a tradition in Ghana.
  3. He often spams me for requests like fusing my OC with his OC.
  4. Besides, the characters he adds sometimes aren’t even OCs! Once, he straight up put Megaman.
  5. He made a fake account of SomethingElseYT, which was blatantly a sockpuppet of himself (both projects being remixes of his, being from same country, following the main account and getting followed back instantly and…

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FANDOM Creeper FANDOM Creeper 13 June 2020

The Creeper Meme Addenda

Like with the dictionary except Fandom wiki (spefically ABFW) memes. I'll probably make these memes and use them often, and this blog was created in the hopes you do too.

  • 1 Daev
    • 1.1 Usage
    • 1.2 Origin
  • 2 Blessed Birb
    • 2.1 Usage
    • 2.2 Origin

Daev is a meme parody of Matilda, a chicken. His full name is Daev teh Checkun, and he wants you to LURN 2 FLOI!!

Blessed random. Basically, when you want to make your text seem that way (Blessed Random), you type like how Daev talks. Another use is by captioning an image of Daev saying "LURN 2 FLOI!! SKREEK!!" 

A bird with blessed SpongeBob face

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UUnlockedMario UUnlockedMario 10 June 2020

MaH aNgReH bUrDz Oh-SeAz DoNuT sTeEl

This is a flock called Team Vincent. I'll probably eventually make digital drawings and pages of them. While it is unknown as to how the members of Team Vincent met, they live on a landmass far away from Piggy Island.

  • 1 Members
    • 1.1 Vincent
    • 1.2 Lily
    • 1.3 Plague
    • 1.4 Nin
    • 1.5 Angelo

Vincent (also known as "Vinnie" by his flock) is a violet-backed starling and the leader of Team Vincent. His name is a play on "violet", referencing his purple color. He is based on the (in)famous bootleg purple bird plush. His ability and personality are similar to that of Red. Unlike most birds in the franchise, he has a gray beak.

Lily is a broad-tailed hummingbird who is Team Vincent's second-in-command. Her personality can be described as calm and peaceful, and she loves na…

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ExcitedGreenPig6 ExcitedGreenPig6 8 June 2020

Porcalonian Cuisine Cooking with Alimenjandro Canario Episode 1: Gusano en Ensalada

Gusano en Ensalada is the first episode of Porcalonian Cuisine Cooking with Alimenjandro Canario. In this episode, Alimenjandro prepares Gusano en Ensalada.

  • Voice: Welcome to Porcalonian Cuisine Cooking, with your host, Alimenjandro Canario.
  • Alimenjandro: (Speaking Spanish words, but an English-speaking actor translates what he says) Hello, English speakers from all over the world. Today I will prepare "Worm in Salad", my invention.
  • Voice: You will need.
    • ¼ head iceberg lettuce
    • 1 tomato
    • 1 onion
    • Salt
    • ⅓ oz. Lemon juice
    • 7⅔ oz. Vinegar
    • 1½ pt cooking oil
    • Ground cinnamon
    • Ground thyme
    • Ground ginger
    • Ground pepper
    • 4 oz. worms
    • A bowl
    • A stove
    • A pan
    • A knife
    • A spoon
    • Gloves
    • And a plate to eat.
  • Alimenjandro: thanks. Here are the steps.
  1. Use your knife to cut the lettuce, tomato, a…

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ButterBlaziken230 ButterBlaziken230 5 June 2020

User Rants 8: Doritodorito

Hello, viewers! Welcome to another episode of User Rants. Remember my rant on TSRITW? Well, I have a question for ya. What’s worse - a tyrannical dictator, or a braindead cretin who mindlessly supports the dictator to the point where they can’t tell the difference between right and wrong? Well, the latter is a User we’re ranting on, called Doritodorito.

Basically, she edits most wikis that TSRITW was active on: Numberlemon, Numberfanagram, those sort of wikis. There’s not really much else to be said here, so I think that we should get on to the next part - the wrongdoings!

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, she white-knights TSRITW and will defend him no matter what.
  2. Just because of her antics, it’s possible that he could be a sockpuppet of…

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FANDOM Creeper FANDOM Creeper 2 June 2020

I need your opinion

I'm switching my art style to see if I can draw a little bit better this way. I did this by freehanding an aloe vera and a flower pot. Here it is: 

If you think this looks better, tell me, and tell me what I can improve if this isn't good enough already. I think it looks better even if it isn't good

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DavetheFave11 DavetheFave11 1 June 2020

I told you...

t will backfire, my lord! Don't do this!

hey will be empowered too! And you-you'll never be the same...

ire! Please just this one time listen! I had a vision-

C owards! You are all cowards! I told you I don't want to hear your nonsense, stubborn, ignorant fools. READY THE WEAPON.

utstanding-Ive never heard King Ping use such excellent grammar! It really must be taking effect-

ake haste and lay fire onto Cobalt Plateaus and Bird Island!

mean what I said, KING! DON'T DO IT!




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ButterBlaziken230 ButterBlaziken230 1 June 2020

User Rants 7: TSRITW

Yes, lads. You read that title right. I’m FINALLY doing the Dumbest Rectangle in the Universe. Without further ado, let’s hop right into it.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Why He’s Crummy
  • 3 Redeeming Qualities
  • 4 How to Improve
  • 5 The Gallery of Shame
  • 6 Lastly...

He mostly contributes to Numberblocks Wikis. He also is interested in MLP, and often makes references to it and I think he contributes to that canon wiki too.

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, he runs the Numberblocks Wiki like a tyrannical dictator and a Pinga Bird.
  2. Not only does he run the Numberblocks Wiki like that, but also the Numberlemon Wiki.
  3. Another factor people commonly bring up when talking about him is the fact that he told me (ButterBlaziken230) that he was going to kill me.
  4. Not only that, but he…

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GestroPlays GestroPlays 1 June 2020


Should i use a curvy artstyle for now...?

For those of you who didn't know.. i use MS Paint for digital art...

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SweetSquidTea SweetSquidTea 31 May 2020

Angry Birds Stella

I'm thinking about finishing Angry Birds Stella. What would you guys think about that?

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ButterBlaziken230 ButterBlaziken230 30 May 2020

User Rants 6: QurryQuserCoolUser

Hello, everybody! Welcome back to User Rants. Today I’m ranting on QurryQuser. I’m going to be changing the style of the rants. It’s going to be a list instead of one large paragraph.

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, he has an absurd amount of sockpuppets that he uses to torture the folks at Numberlemon Wiki.
  2. The usernames of his sockpuppets insult users.
  3. He often raids the live chat with his sockpuppets.
  4. At around March 2020, he said he would repent, and everyone trusted him. It wasn’t long until he would turn bad again.
  5. Despite him not actually being able to do this, he said he wanted to nuke the towns/cities that people live in.
  6. He often changes people’s messages to make them look stupid.
  7. Back in his prime, he hassled me into making Domino…

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FANDOM Creeper FANDOM Creeper 30 May 2020

The Creeper Dictionary Addenda

This is what we are adding to the Creeper Dictionary. These entries will show you some new words and terms. If you're ever wondering what they mean, please just refer to here!

Adminus (N): A user who is a really friendly admin that is sadly inactive due to his/her personal life.

Aspect Grabber (N) (Verb Form: Aspect Grabbing) - Someone who grabs aspects and items from other franchises and throws them into another franchise. (ie. Chaos Emeralds in Angry Birds)

Badgehunting (V): Purpousely spamming edits to obtain certain badges

Blant (N): A rant on something that is unnecessary, considering a lot of people hate said thing. An example of a Blant is BFDIfan2012's rant on Shape World. Everybody already hates Shape World. Typically made by a Vyondkid


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UUnlockedMario UUnlockedMario 22 May 2020

Ancient drawings of mine

I present to you... drawings I made back in 2012. These are drawings of what would eventually become Angry Birds Epic: Uprising, back when it was known as Angry Birds RPG: The Seven Stones, then Angry Birds RPG: Legend of the Seven Eggs, then Angry Birds RPG: Stones of the Eight Elements, and finally, Angry Birds RPG: Stones of the Twelve Elements. Remember, I was like 11 when I drew these. That's right, ABE:U is turning 8 years old this year, although I didn't start conceptualizing the current incarnation of the game until late 2016, but everything changed in summer 2018 when I introduced the new playable characters.

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SweetSquidTea SweetSquidTea 22 May 2020


This blog post is to show all the birds. There are more coming. How many more? Yes.

  • 1 Birds
    • 1.1 Characters by Gemini
  • 2 Characters by ComboLuigi
  • 3 Characters by Yoshipea
  • 4 Characters by Omega
  • 5 Characters By Squidtea
  • 6 Evil Characters
    • 6.1 Lingering Nightmares

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ComboLuigi2000 ComboLuigi2000 21 May 2020

Hall of Shame 1: I'M A VANDAL

Welcome to the first part of Hall of Shame! This was inspired mostly by 's user rants. In here, I describe a user that I don't particularly like, what they have done and how could they improve. The first one I will be ranting on is I'M A VANDAL.

  • 1 Disclaimer
  • 2 Overview
  • 3 What has he done wrong?
  • 4 How could he improve?

Please note that I'M A VANDAL does not refer to the other vandal that has been vandalising the wiki badly and creating new sockpuppets. I will not speak of him, not even in these episodes. This is what I just refer him to as that's what HE calls himself.

Overall, I'M A VANDAL is more of an annoyance instead of a hinderance to our wiki. He makes sockpuppets that are immune to IP blocks using what's probably called a "VPN" so his identi…

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