The Blue Frost Bird is one of the first members in Team Angry Feather. His power is the Icy Tornado. When activated he spins like a tornado and freezes anything the tornado touches.

Name: Kip (This bird's real name)

Known Aliases: Snow Bird, Icy Blue Bird, Deepfreeze Bird

Group Affiliation: Team Angry Feather

Best Friend: Black Fire Bird, Little Light Bird

Personality: Hes shy and curious. But he can also be kinda clumsy. Unlike most birds Blue Frost Bird does not have a short temper.

History: Blue Frost Bird was a young bird when he met Black Fire Bird. He was taken care of because he did'nt have his parents with him. In Angry Birds Space he, The Deepfreeze Bird came along with the others to the planet known as Vulcanal. While in Angry Birds Classic he calms the new baby bird which is one of his friends.

Noises in Classic

Pull Back: Twiiaap!

Launch: Wuuuuraaap!!

Power: Gyaaah!

Corpse: Twip!, Wurp!, Gyap!

Noises in Space

Launch: Gyaapaa!

Power: Same in Classic

Corpse: Same in Classic

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