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Bomb copy
Gender Male
Species Greater Antillean Bullfinch
Size Large
Locations Various levels after Poached Eggs
Abilities & Strengths
Abilities Explode (many levels and episodes)
Electric Shock (in Short Fuse and powerup)
Strength Strong
First appearance unknown
Latest appearance unknown
Voice Actors
Voiced by Unknown

    Bomb is the tritagonist of the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2009 as a member of the core flock. After his first appearance in Poached Eggs, he has appeared in multiple installments of the series as a prominant character.


Bomb's Description in Angry Birds Birdsonality (modified):

Bomb is a doer. While other people get tied up with theories and rules, he's out there getting things done. Sociable and exciting, he loves being the center of attention and entertaining people with his antics.

Despite his fearsome, bomb-like appearance (hence his name), Bomb is actually a very gentle and kind bird. He is very sincere and genuine in his actions and is willing to put himself in conflict or danger to help out the other birds in his flock.

However, like the rest of the birds, Bomb does have a temper that can be triggered. He can be angered and goes into an uncontrollable rage when others set him off.

Bomb is also very sensitive and reacts explosively (quite literally) when his emotions are heavy, or when he is physically handled roughly. Many things can set him off, such as simple stretches to a surprise birthday party. This is a part of Bomb that he himself does not appreciate, though he eventually learned to somewhat control it.

Bomb loves and devotes himself to the other members of the flock, who take care of his unpredictable behavior. (especially Matilda, who is the most involved in helping Bomb with remedies, teas, or anything to control his mood) He is also a very avid fighter, and loves being a destructive part of battles.


  • Bomb is the first bird not to have a corpse sprite (before the Star Wars version).
  • Originally, Bomb had a white spot on his head. The spot has been removed on most artwork. Early versions of the plush toy included it but it was removed later.
  • Bomb is the only bird who does not display a tail in-game. This has since changed in some instances, such as the movie.
  • Bomb is accidentally called "Bob" in the Angry Birds Space comic, a typo made by Rovio.
    • Before it was confirmed that it was a typo, fans were convinced that it was his official name, as most of the birds' names weren't as widely used or confirmed.
  • In the Google+ "Teamwork" level selection menu, pictures of Angry Birds Trilogy, and in some (but not many) instances, two gray dots are added below Bomb's left eye.
  • In the games, Bomb disappears when he explodes, but in the animations and comics, Bomb can explode without disappearing.
  • It is Revealed by Professor Pig in the Angry Birds Comic "Bomb's Hiccups" That Bomb explodes when the things he eats gets converted into energy and is blasted around him. Hence, Not affecting him.