Bubbles, the brave Light Bird is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created. He seems to get serious as he and Sylvia face each other. There will be much information about him until Angry Birds Epic 2 and 3 is released. (except he's the main character) He has 2 strands of hair upwards.

He is the leader of the Celestial Flock.

Bubbles is one wild, fierce and feisty. He loves being a artist and making stuff . He is an attention seeker and some of the other friends calm him down. He can sometimes get outraged or prideful when being shut down. He prefers to be alone and is a highly skilled witch doctor. He is also a gardener and loves decorating the island. He is not only the most clever but his friends are. He loves fun, being adventurous, being brave, helpful, sharing, and creative, just as the rest of his friends.

History (2012 - 2013)

Little is known about Bubbles' history before he joined and binded his and Stella's friends and moved to Celestial Island. He first got his 2 best friends which are Jake and Hal. He defeated Red for taking over the friendship and pride.

Present (2014 and many years)

Bubbles was now higly a skilled witch changeling doctor. He befriended Wander, a feller who likes to help anybody, just as the rest of his friends. He moved to an utopian, peaceful, colorful, harmonious island Celestial Island. He continued eating leafy foods to make him thin. He gets happy when its autumn season and the leaves are blown away. He began to challenge Sylvia for breaking the friendship and harmony. He will bring more adventures as many years pass by.


  • Stella states Bubbles as Mighty Bubbles.
  • Before Sylvia revealed herself, Bubbles starts flaring white instead of orange.
  • Bubbles revealed Red as his former friend.
  • During the Star Tournament which is found in Angry Birds Epic 2 and 3, Bubbles was a Changeling.
  • Matilda states the Changeling as the fifth class and the Witch Changeling Doctor as the sixth class.
  • Bubbles states Red will be the main antagonist in the rest of the years.


  • When Bubbles was flaring white, he starts foaming, while in the episode he's not. This was a teaser to reveal that Bubbles is angry.


  • My Little Pony: FIM - Bubbles starts to turn into Red, that scares everyone, which is a reference to Matilda's friend Chrysalis.
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