Breezey is a female bird. She's the younger sister of Ruckus and the daughter of Steel and Bea.


Breezey sends a tennis ball at high speed to the structure. It can break through at least three blocks of either glass or wood before it slows down.


When she was newly hatched, her mom wanted her to begin a hobby early so that later she could become successful later in her life. So her mom decided to teach her a sport, like tennis. Breezey signed up for tennis lessons shortly after she started middle school. It took lots of discipline and lots of practice, and today she's known for being right up there with the great athletes of Piggy Island.


Breezey is filled to the brim with energy. In fact just listening to her ramble on and on about what she loves can make you tired. She loves to meet new birds and pigs, the more friends the merrier! But she's constantly watched by her brother, Ruckus, and sometimes he interferes with her talking to strangers. Especially if who she's talking to isn't a bird. Breezey finds Ruckus annoying for this.


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