Quotation1 I’ve heard of you... I’ve heard of all the terrors you have caused... Quotation2
— Brick

Brick is a male bird. He's on neither the birds or pig's side.



Brick was stolen as an egg by a group of strange creatures. When he hatched, he was confused and thought that these creatures were his family. However, these creatures would soon leave a huge influence on little Brick, especially in his later years. The creatures hated the birds and the pigs (mostly the birds) for numerous events, and thought that they would teach a young bird to be against both groups. Young Brick was given information about the intentions of the birds and pigs. Brick learned that the pigs were truly despicable individuals who were known for eating the young offspring of other species. He was also told that they were skillful in making dangerous forts, they were evil and cruel, and the creatures blamed the pigs for the demise of many of their kind. As for the birds, the creatures told Brick much worse about them. The creatures thought of every possible bad thing about the birds and told Brick, as far as telling Brick stories that were exaggerated, but somewhat true, like the birds treat all other species like slaves, or that the birds were the cause of many wars long ago. He was even told of alien space birds who have been invading the planet with the birds. Brick was told these things every day of his life until eventually, he grew to fully believe these things as if they’ve all been written in the history books. He was brainwashed by the creatures in a way, and had the mindset of “must destroy the pigs. must destroy the birds. must protect my family”. Brick was then taught how to fight the oh so awful beings by his new family. Strangely enough, despite bring the kind he now swore to destroy, he didn’t actually have any powers. So, the creatures taught him a move they commonly did: rolling into enemies. Brick didn’t have a hard shell like the creatures, but after some practice, Brick seemed to understand how to do it quite well. These days, Brick has made it his job to go out and about capturing alone pigs and birds. He does this for the creatures to give them new members to their species. And not a single birdie or piglet has been able to see through Brick’s statements because of his very persuasive voice. He takes that bird or pig back to the creatures' base, In which the creatures would turn them into their own kind to repopulate themselves faster. Brick's mind has been twisted to think everything but these creatures were bad, and the birds (and some pigs) have been trying to show him what he was doing was wrong. Brick always lashes out at them when they try to do so, and doesn’t believe a single word they say. He blames them for everything bad the creatures have told him. And he’s no kinder to the pig side of the spectrum. He only believes the words the creatures have told him. Could there be any hope for him?


Brick is a loyal but rather violent bird. He's grown to be so loyal to these creatures that they're the only things on his mind, they’re the only things he cares for. The only reason they kept Brick as a bird was because of his loyalty alone. He answers their every wish, desperately trying to protect them from the evil birds and pigs. Brick is active every day looking for young birds and pigs and taking them to his leaders to tell them the exact same stories he was told. He doesn't like being seen, and when he does get spotted, he runs away. Whenever a bird or pig tries to reason with him, he ignores or even tries to fight them. He often just yells to them that they are monsters and they deserve to be destroyed and forgotten for eternity. He does it out of fear and anger, afraid they will murder what’s left of his “family”. Though sometimes Brick sees that both sides aren't as bad as they were cracked up to be. He sees that the birds aren’t always so angry and violent, that the pigs aren’t deadly gluttons, and that sometimes the two species get along. Still, Brick stays loyal to the creatures and thinks it's all an act, like they know he’s watching and that they’re trying to lure him over to their side. He sees the birds as the main bad guys, despite being one himself. However, Brick does wish he had other friends, not just the creatures he serves...


Brick has no real powers, but some may say he has the power of persuasion. He loves to persuade birds and pigs alike to turn to his side of things. His evil side of things. But his persuasiveness is almost believable. Only the smartest would see through his voice. Apart from that, Brick can run into his enemies like a bowling ball, which he learned from those who raised him.


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