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The Hammer Bird is a bird found on the next update, Trotters In Trees. His abilty is that when you click the screen, his stretngh is now terence`s x10 and he goes straight down. When his abilty is not activated, his strentgh is Red`s. He is suitable for Trotters In Trees, as the defences are quite thick. He is known to the flock as

File:Brown/Hammer Bird.png

Brown Bird



  •  The mark on his forehead reffered to his species.                       
  • He is an owl.
  • He is about the size of Bomb.
  • He is rather lazy, because when you activate his abilty he falls asleep.
  • It is unknown how he gains such a gain of weight when he goes to sleep.
  • His best friends are Hal and Red.
  • His corpse is him still sleeping, but he his beak and feathers are all ruffled and bended.
  • Dan, Bubbles, and Hal are the only characters that do not have a Star Wars counterpart.
  • He is the only bird that is square in the normal game.
  • When he goes in space, he will shoot a laser from his left eye, which will be a robot eye.
  • When you click the screen, the moon on his forehead turns yellow.
  • His evil self only comes out in the final level of Trotters In Trees, and they are shooting at you.
  • It is unknown how the evil self got out.
  • He is the only bird that has an evil counterpart.
  • The only objects he cant break when he`s asleep are the bouncy pink material and the ground.
  • He has the same shooting sound as Boomerang Bird.
  • On the final scene on Trotters In Trees, it shows both Evil Brown Bird and King Pig badly hurt.