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Gender Male
Species Jamaican Oriole (Icterus Leucopteryx)
Size Small
Locations Various levels after Birdday Party
Abilities & Strengths
Abilities Inflate
Strength Weak (before inflation)
Strong (after inflation)
First appearance unknown
Latest appearance unknown
Voice Actors
Voiced by Unknown

    Bubbles is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2011 and was the third new character to be added onto the flock who was not part of the core five. After his first appearance in Ham'o'ween in Angry Birds Seasons, he has spread to multiple installments of the series and has become a main character since.


Bubble's Description in Angry Birds Birdsonality (modified):

Bubbles is quiet but friendly, always happy to pitch in and help. His sunny outlook and loyal, considerate nature make him a great friend. He prefers to focus on the bright side of life, so he can get overwhelmed by anything overly complicated or negative.

Bubbles have shown very different personalities and have conflicted with the timeline multiple times. When he was first introduced, he was much younger than The Blues, who were the ones to find and rescue him from the pigs. He was shown to be very immature, with a great love of candy, and have a temperament because of this. (even being unintentionally kidnapped for the candy that the pigs had)

This personality has been shown in the Angry Birds Toons series, where he only appears in Halloween based episodes.

Bubbles, unlike most of the flock's birds, did not make his debut in the original Angry Birds game. Instead, he first appeared in Angry Birds Seasons, and then appeared in the original game in the Birdday Party theme. After playing his introduction level, he will appear often as a playable character.

Bubbles is an extremely unique character in multiple ways. For one, he is the only character in the flock who has another bird in his introduction level. (Chuck was also in the level) He is also the largest character in the flock when inflated, and is the smallest when deflated. (however, in the game he is technically larger than the Blues, while in animations he is much smaller) He is also the first character of Red's flock to be introduced outside of the original game, and have his own introduction video. (Stella was the second of both of these things)


Bubbles' ability is to inflate to a large size, and then to deflate like a balloon, flying about until he disintegrates. The actual inflating ability is very strong and can be extremely destructive. Bubbles will not destroy the blocks around him by inflating, but more so will push them away, causing them to fly around and crash into other structures, destroying the blocks and structures effectively.

It is also notable that Bubbles is extremely good at destroying wood, and in some situations is better than Chuck, who is known for being able to destroy wood. Depending on the angle of the shot, Bubbles can have bursts of strength, and absolutely shred through the wood extremely quickly, seemingly not losing speed. However, sometimes Bubbles will not be able to destroy the wood as effectively, and in some situations will even stop in his tracks.

Bubbles is decent at destroying glass, demolishing 2-3 bricks himself, but cannot damage stone. (however, his ability can destroy stone with ease)

When Bubbles deflates, he flies around but is still materialized. In fact, he can still destroy blocks and pigs as he deflates, creating more damage. However, it is suggested that the player doesn't rely on this alone, as it is unpredictable to where he will deflate.

If Bubbles activates his ability and expands into the ground, it is possible for him to glitch and disappear.



  • Bubbles and Hal are the only birds to first appear kidnapped by the pigs.
  • Along with Stella, Bubbles is one of the only 2 birds that were first introduced into The Flock during an Angry Birds Seasons episode.
  • Bubbles' sprite sheets are separate to the other birds' sprites, which are all contained on one page.
  • Bubbles was the first and only bird to be released in an update for Angry Birds Space.
  • Bubbles and Hal are so far the only two birds that do not have a Star Wars counterpart.  
  • Angry Birds Friends used to state Bubbles as "Orange". This has since been fixed in updates.
  • Bubbles' Favorite holiday is Halloween, which we can see in most media like games (Such as Seasons and Blast) and in the cartoon Angry Birds Toons.
  • If Bubbles is inflated, he is the largest bird in the flock, not counting the Mighty Eagle, beating Terence and Matilda.