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Bubbles' flock is the main group of birds found in Angry Birds: Bubbles. The group lives on a All Terra found near the providence of King Smoothcheeks named Piggy Island.


The group consists of Bubbles, Logan, Holly, Gummi, Hal, Callahan, and Hallow.


The Flock's history starts when Bubbles and Hal were kidnapped and brought to All Terra.

Bubbles and Hal see many other birds in cages. These birds are quickly taken away by laughing pigs. Hal and Bubbles immediately break open the cage, beginning the events of Angry Birds: Bubbles. They were able to stopthe Decipiger from destroying Bird Island and defeated King Cumulus. They were defeated by the Cows and lost Callahan, Gummi, and Hal. Holly, following Callahan's death, went to the Haunted Mansion which was where Callahan's house was, and met Callahan's spirit and almost went insane from this.

Callahan and Gummi were later revived from the dead and went on to start their own families.


  • Hal is the only character whose design was changed over 2 times.
  • The flock appears in Angry Birds Ultimate.