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Bubbles is the youngest member of The Flock and has since been with them after The Blues save him from King Pig.



Bubbles is the smallest bird compared to the others in the flock. He is an orange bird with a black spot on his chest. He has two dark brown circles around his eyes and has two head and tail feathers sticking out, as well as having a curved beak.


Bubbles is quiet but friendly, always happy to pitch in and help. His sunny outlook and loyal, considerate nature make him a great friend. He prefers to focus on the bright side of life, so he can get overwhelmed by anything overly complicated or negative.


Sometimes King Pig calls off the search for the eggs - that time is called Ham'o'ween. However, the piggies don't get a holiday. Instead of eggs, the Minions have to bring King Pig sweets - by the bucket load. They deliver their stolen candy onto a conveyer belt that leads straight into his royal gut-lord's slobbering mouth. One Ham'o'ween the Blues had a fright. Bubbles, the newest member of the flock, had been unwittingly snatched by the swine in a bucket of candy. The orange bird was about to be gobbled up by King Pig as he gorged himself on the stash of sweets. This time it wasn't the eggs that needed rescuing from ending up in Smooth Cheek's belly - it was Bubbles!

Powers & Traits

Bubbles' ability is to inflate to a large size, and then to deflate like a balloon, flying about until he disintegrates. The actual inflating ability is very strong and can be extremely destructive. Bubbles will not destroy the blocks around him by inflating, but more so will push them away, causing them to fly around and crash into other structures, destroying the blocks and structures effectively.

It is also notable that Bubbles is extremely good at destroying wood, and in some situations is better than Chuck, who is known for being able to destroy wood. Depending on the angle of the shot, Bubbles can have bursts of strength, and absolutely shred through the wood extremely quickly, seemingly not losing speed. However, sometimes Bubbles will not be able to destroy the wood as effectively, and in some situations will even stop in his tracks.

Bubbles is decent at destroying glass, demolishing 2-3 bricks himself, but cannot damage stone. (however, his ability can destroy stone with ease)

When Bubbles deflates, he flies around but is still materialized. In fact, he can still destroy blocks and pigs as he deflates, creating more damage. However, it is suggested that the player doesn't rely on this alone, as it is unpredictable to where he will deflate.


  • Bubbles' Favorite holiday is Halloween, which we can see in most media like games (Such as Seasons and Blast) and in the cartoon Angry Birds Toons.
  • If Bubbles is inflated, he is the largest bird in the flock, not counting the Mighty Eagle, beating Terence and Matilda.
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