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Bully Birdy Episode 34 of Angry Birds Toons. The story focuses on both Rovio's pledge to not bully, and the introduction of Spike.


  • Red
  • Chuck
  • The Blues
  • Bomb
  • Matilda
  • Stella
  • Spike
  • The Piggies
  • Misty (Only in mini-episode)


A new bird named Spike was flung out of his home-town due to bullying the residents there. When he lands, the Birds try to say hello, but Spike immediantly starts doing what he did in his old town: bullying. He takes Stella's Bubble Wand and the Eggs, and is appearantly "guarding" them.

Later, the others try to get him to stop, but Spike tells them to back off and calls Stella a "Stelloser." Then, he uses his power, spikes, to cover him in spikes.

In the end, Spike tells the birds what losers they are, and runs away, screaming. And then the Birds get the eggs back, and Stella grabs her wand, and all is good...for now.

However, Spike is later seen talking to King Pig, and joins their side. And all is bad...for now.


This has Misty and Spike. Poltergeists have invaded Angry Birds' world, Misty borrows Heather O' Rourke's line, and just as Misty hides, Spike gets taken by poltergeists. It is unknown what happened after that.

Famous quote[]

Misty: Spike.

Spike: Oh, do you want your bottle, Mist-of-babyish-ness?

Misty: No Spike. They're here.

Spike: Who, your imaginary friends?

Misty: The poltergeists! (Hides)

Spike: (Gets taken by poltergeists)